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Action Taimanin Guide
Action Taimanin - gorgeous Japanese hack-and-slash action RPG available on Mobiles and Steam. Based on the popular series - The Taimanin / 対魔忍 / Anti-Demon Ninja. Anime lovers already know where to find forbidden anime...

But let's back to the guide. The global version got released on October 6th, 2020 and you still can join the first wave of players!

Action Taimanin is online on October 6th, and we have prepared multiple events for you.
1. Login Bonus to celebrate the release!
- Simply log in and receive Gems!
- Login in for 5 consecutive days, and receive an exchangeable token for a Limited edition costume!

In such games login bonuses very important and it's better to don't miss them.

Fast Start

Starter Hero

Recommended - Igawa Sakura
Most popular starter hero in Japan - Yukikaze Mizuki


Will take around 15 minutes
1. Finish Tutorial 
2. Collect all available gems
3. Roll gacha
Action Taimanin reroll
4. Options > Link Account > Reset Game

Tier List


Action Taimanin tier list japan
Action Taimanin Tier List
Action Taimanin Tier List global


by Discord user Schiaciatta. (It's more like advice)

Because this gets asked a lot. Do note these are just -my opinions- on what are good stuff.

There's 2 ideas to go through with rerolling. First is getting a UR weapon for the gril you like. The second is getting powerful supports for arena down the line. Getting a UR weapon first will let you get a faster headstart at the beginning, whereas rolling a good support is more for weekly ranking in arena whenever that is implemented. In a rough sense, UR weapon if all you care about is PVE and support if you'd like to try ranking in arena "PVP" in the future. 

Weapons to roll for:
Asagi - Naraku 
Sakura - Phantom Knife 
Yukikaze - Greek Fire 

Note that LBs increase weapons stats by 15/10/5/20% (not too sure about the values) so eventually LB5 arena weapons are going to be better even for PVE due to sheer stats. This is why some recommend rolling supports in the beginning rather than weapons. 

Good supports
UR - Major, Amane, Fuyumi, Suzune, Yuno, Shisui (mpoints).
SR - Haruka, Mai, Homura, Merci (mpoints).

In particular, both Amane and Major are very excellent for the arena. Major just delete one guy from existence if you have the right magatamas and secondary supports. Whereas Amane gives your character a temporary barrier that auto counters attacks and flinching the opponent. Another notable one is Haruka, with her hefty human damage reduction going up to 40%, and her lead skill-boosting your damage to humans by a thick 60%.

Asagi is very strong and straightforward. Her normals are your best source of DPS so she's very flexible with support loadouts. Arena performance is decent, but she loses to the best guys easy. Can be used for Major builds and bursting.

Sakura is the Beyblade queen of cleaning rooms. Still the best and fastest clearer. One of the top 3/4 for the arena. She will always do damage with her projectiles and her spins are very powerful assuming her ai decides to do it. Possibly one of the best anti Yukikazes along with Emily. 

Yukikaze can either be mostly trash but decent with one build, or an absolute monster depending on whether has her buffs. Her AI is stupid and will easily get stun locked to death in the arena, but if she can actually survive the initial sortie she can zone out most of the melee taimanins. An absolute POS to fight in arena at higher streaks, and a good idea to just build a Major loadout for.

Rinko is an absolute bruiser. The best of the best prior to Yukikaze buffs and Emily. She's extremely tough and deals a ton of damage with meteors. If you set her upright, she can solo teams by herself. If Yukikaze ships with her buffs, Rinko is so hard countered by her that you should exercise extreme care to not let your Rinko up against a Yukikaze past a certain number of streaks. 

Murasaki. If you like chasing annoying pieces of shit mobs one by one and screaming at your screen, by all means. A good gatekeeper in the arena, but her super armor is more detrimental to her. 
Suu doesn't really have a lot of ways to deal with multiple spread-out enemies. She's sorta like an Asagi but weaker and slower. She can stunlock in the arena with her normals, assuming she doesn't get stunlocked or die first.

Shiranui is very very good for PvE. Her red build synergizes so well buffing her own crit and doing bonus crit damage on her stab for a ton of damage. Arena performance isn't too hot. Even with an advantage against Yukikaze, she kinda gets zoned out easily.

The bundled urs are pretty much glorified SRs.

Community Groups

Where to download Action Taimanin


Steam User Review by RuiG

read it before downloading the game.


You don't really need to spend money on the game so I recommend to just support if you want, by picking up the passes every once in a while or buying the cheapest Beginner Boost packs.

First thing you need to do is decide if you want to unlock all of the characters first or focus on just one of them and unlock all of the costumes. Once you decide on which of the 2 to focus on then spend your Gems accordingly with which of the two options you decide on. Do note that costumes do give you a bonus stat boost but I always found them rather pointless to invest in, doing so only when it's limited/seasonal costumes or if I have extra Gems to spend.

Only draw from the Gacha in bulks, even if you are using tickets. Never and I mean never draw single items, it's a waster of Gems and tickets.

Raise the intimacy of all of your Support characters to MAX, this is done by just having them attached to the character you play as while you fight. Each intimacy level rewards you with Gems, you can claim them by going to the Support Character Album.

Do NOT use up the AP Potions for main story progression nor for Daily Missions, save them for the Events since those have a separate pool of items that you need Event Tickets for. So you will want to have enough AP Potions for you to replay the Event Missions.

Use the Training Facilities, it's a good way to level up characters and weapons you aren't using.


I have been playing the Japanese Android version since launch and I can say that this is pretty decent port of the game, it runs at a near smooth 60fps with partial controller support (Menus are navigated using mouse since it is a direct port of the mobile version).

The gameplay is fun, its no DMC nor Bayonetta so it lacks the precise combos and intricate moves that these types of games tend to be known for. but what it has is varied enough for it to stay fun. You can attack, dodge, use support skills and have a cool EX attack. Nothing fancy but good enough for a F2P game.

You are able to level up your stats and unlock more moves (you are limited to a max of 3 move slots but you can change them indefinitely), on top of that you can equip/level up weapons and support characters (you can equip 3 support characters, 1 active and 2 passive) in order to give you buffs and extra attacks.


The Taimanin and the Environments have been upscaled beautifully although Bosses are a bit lower quality then they should be, nothing seriously bad but still noticeable.
The cell shaded graphics really work well with the anime aesthetic of the franchise and the character design is really appealing, if you are a fan of the source material then the 3D models for the leading ladies will please you quite a bit (although I can't help but notice that nipples are missing :p)


The original Taimanin VNs are Nukiges so the plot wasn't really that focus there, which isn't really surprising then when I say that the plot of this game isn't particularly groundbreaking and that some of the dialogue is rather cringy and lacking (especially the lines for Fuuma Kotarou).
It's interesting that the protagonist is once again Kotarou, for those not familiar with him he is the protagoinst of the other NSFW mobile/gacha games in the franchise (Battle Arena and RPGX) although in Battle Arena he is more of a villainous protagonist and much more interesting than he is here.
It's worth mentioning that the Taimanin multiverse is established in the main series and the other mobile games so I am curious to see if it will be introduced in this at some point, minus all of the "hand holding" ofc.


The music isn't nothing to write home about, especially since the amount of tracks are rather limited but I have never found myself disliking any of the songs.
The entire voice cast has been recast, the adult game voice actors were replaced with mainstream actors.
Although it is worth pointing out that the original Action Taimanin voice actress for Asagi was replaced for unknown reasons, a decision which I think was good since she didn't really fit Asagi and just sounded completely off.


If I had to give this game a score I probably would give it an 8/10 or even a 9/10, it just so much fun to play and I am a huge fan of the franchise. If you don't like Gacha games that can still be fair with you, then nothing I say will sway you to like or even try this game. But if you like sexy anime girls or are a fan of the original franchise then this game might please you enough to keep you coming back to it.

It's really important to understand that this entry in the series is NOT an hentai but a mainstream take. I don't think Lilith will move away from adult visual novels since they are too ingrained in the studio's DNA, especially taking into account how hardcore and dark their games are but I do believe that a more mainstream version of their franchises can exist alongside the adult stuff.

PS: I really hope they add Ingrid as a playable character at some point or even Oboro since she is already in the game and all. If they want to cross over with their larger Lilith verse then I wouldn't complain to them bringing in Annerose as well.

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