Epic Seven - Top Model Luluca Review

Epic Seven - Top Model Luluca
Top Model Luluca - Strong 5 star dark ML hero will be available for Epic Seven players from October 29th, 2020.

Lore / Story

Top Model Luluca
A girl who took Lilibet's advice and became a model that fights wearing a specialized suit. 
Her goal is to defeat the corrupt designer Strazxe and his model, Roana.

In another world in a different universe, if there is a designer who is able to create suits that can enhance the wearer's ability and a model who is able to wear it, it's said that such a combination can bring out their maximum potential.

A model who is able to become one with such a designer's suits will have access to the wealth of power afforded by the cosmos.

After taking the wandering designer Lilibet's advice, Luluca became the model that the wandering designer was searching for.
Shortly after, Straze, the best designer in the universe, destroyed his home in order to achieve his goals.

After finding out that Straze plans to use her friend and former Top Model, Roana, for his own ambitions, Top Model Luluca decided to join Orbis Fashion Week in order to stop him and find Roana. 
Epic Seven - Top Model Luluca upset

Top Model Luluca Skills

Skill #1 - Energy Blast

Top Model Luluca energy blast
Uses the suit's energy to attack the enemy. When used on the caster's turn, has a 40% chance to grant an extra attack with the same skill. When the enemy is not an Elite or Boss monster, damage sharing effects are ignored.

Acquire 1 soul per attack. No CD.

Soulburn Effect - Consume 10 Soul
Increases effect chance to 100%.

Skill Enhance
+1 +5% damage dealt
+2 +5% damage dealt
+3 +5% damage dealt
+4 +5% damage dealt
+5 +10% damage dealt

Skill #2 - Victory Pose

Top Model Luluca victory pose
Manifests the suit's energy, increasing Combat Readiness of all allies by 10% and increasing Attack of the caster for 2 turns. Grants the caster an extra turn.

Acquire 2 souls, 5 Turns CD.

Skill Enhance
+1 +1% Combat Readiness
+2 +1% Combat Readiness
+3 -1 turn cooldown
+4 +1% Combat Readiness
+5 +2% Combat Readiness

Skill #3 - Demolish

Top Model Luluca Demolish
Transcends cosmic space to attack the enemy with dimensional energy, before granting the caster stealth for 2 turns. When the enemy is defeated, inflicts extinction and decreases the caster's skill cooldown by 1 turn. Damage dealt increases proportional to the caster's Speed.

Acquire 2 souls, 5 Turns CD.

Skill Enhance
+1 +5% damage dealt
+2 +5% damage dealt
+3 -1 turn cooldown
+4 +10% damage dealt
+5 +10% damage dealt

Recommended sets -

Speed/Crit set.
Crit dmg/crit set.

Recommended artifact -

Exorcist Tonfa - Increase dmg by 16% if enemy health more than 50%.
Artifact from Guilty Gear collab that increases dmg by 20% also good, but not everyone has him.
Kal'adra - 30% dmg if enemy is debuffed.

How to win in pvp

Start fight with S2 and destroy the enemy strongest hero with -
if he got the ability to revive use s3
or just use s1 with soulburn. 

Can be used together with Basar or Faithless Lidica.
Faithless Lidica initiate > C dom used s3 > Luluca destroy enemy. In that case, we can use any good crit dmg + attack gears.

Top Model Luluca Stats and Imprint

Epic Seven - Top Model Luluca imprint


Top Model Luluca model
Epic Seven - Top Model Luluca
Top Model Luluca

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