Novak Djokovic buys a Denmark-based biotech working on a COVID-19 cure.

Serbian tennis star Novak Djokovic and his wife Jelena bought a biopharma company that is developing solutions in the field of coronavirus treatment. This comes as a surprise, following The Australian Open scandal. 

AO continues without Novak Djokovic after the saga over the men's defending champion's visa was finally brought to an end, but Novak continues his way. This time he wants to finds a cure for COVID-19.

Namely, according to regional media, referring to publicly available documents, in June 2020 a company called "QuantBioRes A / S" was founded in Denmark.

In this pharmaceutical company, the majority ownership is owned by the married couple Djokovic, namely Novak 40.8 percent and Jelena 39.2 percent share in the shares.

The company, registered in Denmark, states on its website that it is engaged in "developing treatments and drugs for retroviruses and resistant bacteria".

The news that the company is owned by Djokovic was also confirmed by the company's executive director for Reuters.

"With our innovative and insightful RRM technology, we strive to help humanity develop treatment and cure for retroviruses and resistant bacteria. Our highly qualified team of biochemists, physicists, engineers and programmers have worked tirelessly to bring QuantBioRes A / S to the forefront of the industry." "To provide excellent solutions, we dedicate time and resources to accurately predict the chemical and physical properties of molecules, which can be useful in many areas of science, especially medicine."-it is said on their site.

"At QuantBioRes A / S, we are working to use a unique and new Resonant Recognition (RRM) model."

"RRM is a biophysical model based on the discovery that certain periodicities / frequencies within the distribution of free electron energies along proteins are critical to the biological function of proteins and interactions with protein receptors and other targets."

RRM technology allows these characteristic frequencies, which are electromagnetic in nature, to be identified for each biological function / interaction. Once the characteristic frequency for a biological function is identified, it is possible to analyze biological function / protein interaction, predict bioactive mutations and design 'de novo 'bioactive peptides with the desired biological function, as well as to predict the electromagnetic frequency that may interfere with certain protein activity. "

And which retroviruses are involved can be guessed in the "news for the public" section, where three news items were published and all three concerned the area of ​​covid-19 treatment.

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