Last Origin - Japan and Global Servers Coming Soon

Last Origin - Japan and Global Servers
Last Origin (라스트오리진) is a waifu TRPG developed by SmartJoy and available only in Korea right now. Game have censored and uncensored versions.

Japan server 100% confirmed, other servers will be out next year.
Last Origin English Fan community already created almost all important guides for KR server.
You can join them in discord.
Last Origin Beginner Guide.
Another discord community, unique guides etc.
Last Origin battle
Below article from translated by google.
The 'Last Origin', which attracted the attention of adult users and received great attention from the market, will be on the global market. It will raise interest in bringing positive results in overseas markets.

PiG(CEO Hue Jung) signed a global publishing contract for the mobile game 'Last Origin' developed by SmartJoy on November 11. Pig is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Line Games, which provides game developers with consulting on game services including project planning, launching and operation.

Last Origin was well received for art, story and strategic fun combat, all aimed at adult audiences. It has attracted the attention of the market by raising its name to the 6th place of Google play sales in early release.

However, from the beginning of the service, SmartJoy own management problems, as well as Google's censorship, has been a hit on the box office. Currently, this work is censored Google Play version and the uncensored version of the one-store version is being served respectively. Most users concentrated on the uncensored version. However, in the case of One Store, the size of the market is smaller than that of Google Play.

Under such circumstances, global launch will be achieved through PiG, a subsidiary of Line Games. PiG is planning to expand the service area of ​​this game in Southeast Asia and North America, starting with Japan server in the second half of 2019.

Overseas, as in Korea, it has not yet been decided whether it will become a service because it is divided into censored version and uncensored version. Regarding whether the version of the service is dualized and the launch of the Apple App Store, Line Game officials said, "The content of that section will be publicly available at a later stage." However, in the case of Japan being launched for the first time in the overseas region, he added, "We know that we will plan to build up the service in the same way as domestic ones."

Source: 더게임스(

In Japanese version case we probably will see DMM and ordinary google play version. For global it can be Nutaku, but looks like Koreans don't care much about it.

I just hope before releasing Japanese or other versions developers fix all bugs.

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