LIVE A HERO - Japanese LGBT Mobile Game

LIVE A HERO - Japanese LGBT Mobile Game
LIVE A HERO - Japanese server just out in early October and already become popular?! It's very unusual for a mobile game with an LGBT style.

Like you can see from the main art - LIVE A HERO is a game about heroes with a very good art, but slow gameplay. Genre - turn-based mobile RPG, released on android and ios. Developer Lifewonders, their previous game - Tokyo Afterschool Summoners.
LIVE A HERO characters
The art is really good. :X


There is a theory that there are innumerable parallel universes outside our universe.
"If I was acting like this at that time ..." "If the dream of those days came true ..."
There may be a universe in which such an IF is a reality.

The future earth that exists in one of such innumerable universes.
On this planet, where a wide variety of earthlings and aliens such as humans, beast-human aliens, and mechanical lifeforms.
One day monsters appeared from the space outside of the universe and the only existence that can counter them is - heroes. 

We are fighting day and night.

Office workers, police officers, teachers, carpenters, fishermen, part-time workers, etc ...
People who have various jobs will become heroes once monsters "kaibutsu" appears.
With the help of the "what if" universe, which embodies what he is dreaming about and what he is determined to do,
our hero will face the looming threat.

"You" who got a job to support a hero by chance.
"You" will "observe" the infinite possibilities that people have while helping them live distribution of battles, which are the source of power for heroes.

Battle system

LIVE A HERO battle system
Help heroes with your commanding ability and increase their bonding after battles. 


Reinstall the game. End. 
Enter internal storage and search for "livehero" folder,

It's basically your game account. Just delete it and the account deleted forever. Maybe root required.



Good luck!

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