Hero Cantare - Yuri Ha & No-name Costumes, new Fiesta dungeon!

Hero Cantare - Yuri Ha & No-name Costumes
The last Hero Cantare update in august pleased us with beautiful costumes and new Fiesta dungeon. Let's check full patch notes.

New Costumes: Crimson Rose Yuri Ha & Captain Grey No-name

Costume discount sale until Sep. 28th before maintenance
Crimson Rose Yuri Ha: 90 Costume Coins → 60 Costume Coins

Captain Grey No-name can be acquired from Fiesta Exchange Shop during the Hero Fiesta event. For more information, please check the detailed note for the event. - Be sure to get a costume while it is almost free! 
※ After Fiesta Event ends, Captain Grey No-name will be added to the costume shop for 3,000 gem

New SS Relic: Everyone’s Festival

As a 100th day celebration, 1 SS Relic: Everyone’s Festival will be distributed to all players who log in Hero Cantare Aug 31st after maintenance Sep. 14th before maintenance.
Hero Cantare - 100th day SS relic

New Items are Added to 100-Day Exchange Shop

The new relic: Everyone’s Festival and new items will be added to the 100-Day Coin
Exchange Shop.
The Added item list:
Hero Cantare - items 100th day event

Hero Fiesta Dungeon – Queen No-name

Fiesta Dungeon – Queen No-name
Event Period: Aug. 31st after maintenance ~ Sep. 27th 23:59 PDT
Mission Distribution Period: Aug. 31st after maintenance ~ Sep. 20th 23:59 PDT

1) Fiesta missions last 14 days from your mission starting date.
2) All events related to Fiesta missions are closed at Sep. 27th 23:59 PDT.

Hero Cantare still not optimized for low ram devices and probably never will be. 

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