Epic Seven - Update Schedule for 2nd Half of 2020

Epic Seven mecha
Epic Seven 2nd anniversary brings us tons of information about upcoming content. News about the new collab date, heroes that we will never see in-game, skins, and upcoming heroes!

Ezeran Foundation Day Celebration 70 Free Summon Event 

Epic Seven 70 free summon
Starting from today 31.08 and until 22.09 players will be able to do 10 free summons each day.

Ezeran Foundation Day Check-In Event

Epic Seven daily check event
1. Schedule: 9/3 (Thu) after the maintenance ~ 10/1 (Thu) 02:59 UTC
2. Details:
- During the event period, log in to Epic Seven for 7 days to receive your reward.
- Satisfy the conditions (log in day and account rank) and receive a reward in your mailbox.
3. Rewards

DayAccount RankRewardAmount
1 -3★ Penguin Set (Ice/Fire/Earth/Light/Dark)One per element
2 Rank.5Leif22
3 Rank.10[Epic Grade, Destruction Set] Lv. 78 Equipment Chest (Weapon/Helmet/Armor/Boots)One per type
4 Rank.15Covenant Bookmarks30
5 Rank.20Ezera Foundation Day Celebration Artifact
「To a New World」
6 Rank.25MolaGora3
7 Rank.30[Episode 1] 5★ Hero Summon Ticket1

Most important Questions & Answers with developers

[Hero Release Questions] – More than 100
[Q] Are there any plans for Straze, Archdemon Mercedes, Nilgal, Garo and other NPC’s to be released as playable Heroes? Are there any plans to release other types of Heroes, such as Suin, Mechanical Heroes, Monsters, or Heroes that are combined with other types?

[A] Straze and Archdemon Mercedes are the final bosses for each Episode, and we are still discussing if there is a way that we can make them playable Heroes. We hope we can introduce at least one of them as a playable Hero by the end of this year or at the beginning of next year. However, as these Heroes are moonlight Heroes, and there are no covenant Heroes that can be used for Memory Imprinting, we are still thinking of ways that players can acquire/Memory Imprinting them.

Nilgal, Garo, and Katenka are not currently being considered as playable Heroes. Since Nilgal and Katenka are Episode 1 Heroes, they won’t have bigger roles in the story. In the case of Garo, who would be in charge of the Tavern other than him? - WTF with SmileGate? so many players wanted to see Katenka as a playable hero.
Epic Seven episode 3 mecha
New Heroes in Epic Seven generally take the main roles in the story. The main stories for Episode 2 were held in cities and resulted in many human type Heroes. However, in Episode 3, as we said before, will take place in a different continent which contains Dragons, Suins, and Androids. Please look forward to the new Heroes that will visit you soon!

[Q] What is the timeline for a Specialty Change?
[A] Introduction of 3-star Heroes will follow the flow of the story. The next 3 star Hero, which has a cyborg concept, will be added on September 17th.
Epic Seven new 3 star heroes
We will introduce ten 3★ Heroes per Episode, five at the beginning, and five in the middle. Please look forward to these new Heroes that will be introduced soon.

Specialty Change Heroes are being updated every 10 weeks. The next Specialty Change Hero will be Doris.
Epic Seven doris special change
Specialty Change Doris will make her appearance in Thieves under the Light of the Full Moon on September 24th and will be playable by the end of October.

[Q] Are there any plans to implement a mass promotion system?
[A] Mass Promotion will also be implemented on 9/3. Up to 10 Max level Phantasma and natural 2★ Heroes can be promoted at the same time. Selecting which Heroes to use as ingredients can be set from the settings.
Epic Seven mass promotion
[IP/Collaboration Questions]
[Q] Are there any plans to release an anime, webtoon, or something similar to increase Epic Seven’s brand?
[A] Creating an anime is also a core objective. As such, in order to bring about an anime with the best quality possible, it will take a significant amount of time as we will cooperate with other professional corporations.
Releasing an animation will take time, however, in order to meet our Heirs desire to see Epic Seven in more diverse media formats, we are discussing a webtoon or web novel.

[Q] Are there any plans to sell Luna, or other Heroes as a figurine?
[A] We would like to thank our Heirs your interest in the Epic Seven goods that are being sold in Smilgate’s shop since July. Some goods indeed have been sold out thanks to our Heirs’ interest. As we have previously announced, a board game is currently in production, and we are planning to introduce other goods. However, since the Luna Figure was created in limited quantities for event purposes and not for sale, we cannot produce any more for sales purposes. Thank you very much for your enthusiastic support.

[Q] Are there any plans for a collaboration with a new IP?
[A] We are planning to have a collaboration with a well-known IP during the first half of next year. We’ll prepare well and approach it as perfectionists, partnering with an incredible IP and providing the best quality to our Heirs. - Let's hope it's not a boring IP.

[Future Plans]
[Q] What are the future development plans for Epic Seven?
[A] Our core objective is creating sustainable value for our Heroes, a part of Epic Seven our Heirs cherish. As many of our Heirs cherish our Heroes, we think it is of the utmost importance for us to make designated roles for each Hero in the game. We regard this is as a necessary step that Epic Seven must take. Expedition, new Hunt and Equipment Sets, and Balance Adjustment are part of these efforts.

We’ll also continue to focus on the quality of existing content. Therefore, we will be actively improving the content that has already been released.

With these two approaches combined, we want to bring about an environment where our Heirs can find ways to better utilize many Heroes, and find diverse content that is worthwhile to play.

For example, Side Stories, although they’ve well portrayed our Heroes’ personalities, the gameplay for Side Stories has become too routine. Beginning with Album Type Side Stories that we’ve shown recently, we’ll introduce new Side Story formats so that more Heroes can be utilized and can appeal to our Heirs' desired experience.

Also, we are planning to redesign the Automaton Tower so that it can become more appealing to our Heirs.
Epic Seven schedule update 2020
More Q&A available at the official SmileGate website.


Epic Seven skin halloween
Halloween event skin.

New ML's

Epic Seven ML krau
 Krau, rumors say that he will be the next available ML hero.
Epic Seven ML sigret
 Sigret ML, no information.
Epic Seven Ml khawazu
Unknown ML. Possible ML Khawazu from the previous episode.

Epic Seven Episode 3 Update Details

《Episode 3-Hymn of a Wailing Tundra》
As many of our Heirs expected, Epic Seven's third Episode "Hymn of a Wailing Tundra" will take place in the northern continent of Eureka.
Heirs who have completed all the quests in Episode 2: Godkiller, can leave for Eureka without any other conditions.
Epic Seven eureka
This is Eureka. It looks a little different from the maps you've seen before. You've probably heard about the northern continent at least once. In our stories, we've seen brave warriors who fought a long battle with a dragon, the story of the missing king of Lefundos who was tracked down, or the story of the automatic doll Chloe. 

On the map above, on the left side, shows an image of Eureka. 
Here, our Heirs can see all the stories of that past you've heard about, as well as past Heroes.

As you can see, each chapter has its own color and pattern, which shows which nation is in power. There are four nations in Eureka, each with its own history. Let's take a look at each of the nations that will be introduced in Episode 3.
Epic Seven wintenberg
First, we have Wintenberg, Cecilia's hometown that was shown in the prologue for Episode 3. The story of how Wintenberg, a kingdom that flourished under the protection of a dragon and found itself in an endless war with dragons.
What is told about this war differs based on which side you listen to.
Epic Seven senya
The story of the first dragon knight Senya unfolds. Also, the story of Ilynav, a dragon knight who becomes queen after Cecilia disappears, and dreams of a blood-soaked revenge unfolds as well.

《Tundra/Dragon Valley》
Here are some of our Heirs favorite Heroes. Next, let's take a look at the Lone Tundra and Dragon Valley that is covered with snow and ice in the north of Eureka.
Epic Seven dragon valley
Francesca, Cecilia's mother who was murdered by Luna, and Luna, the traitor. What really happened that day when Cecilia and Yufine fell off the cliff?
Epic Seven tundra
Yufine loves humans and so she returns to Eureka with Charlotte. However, for some reason, she cannot turn herself into a dragon. What role will Yufine play in the war between humans and dragons?
Epic Seven episode 3 dragons
Another story that will unfold is an older story of a mighty and cruel dragon, Mortelix, and of Alencia who still had a fondness for humans.

As there are many Heroes who are loved by our Heirs, we hope this story will captivate our players.

Epic Seven Politia
Third, we have the most unique city in Eureka, Politia. 
Do you remember Brinus, Laika, and Kanna who went to Ritania and Cidonia in search of the Automatic Doll, Chloe? They are all from Politia.

A city built on the wilderness that sprung up from a crater formed by a meteor a very long time ago with unrivaled technology.
Epic Seven automatic doll hero
The Hero you just saw is an automatic doll that acts as the police chief in Politia. Unlike Reingar's automatic dolls, which rely heavily on mana, the automatic dolls of the Politia are very capable and powerful, working with incredible powers that Orbis's technology cannot match. 

Epic Seven lefundos
The last nation to be looked at is the ancient kingdom of Lefundos.
After searching for their missing king, Tywin and Romann finally return to Lefundos for Schniel.
Epic Seven lefundos heroes
But the battle for the throne for the Kingdom of Lefundos has intensified and that is where Episode 3, Hymn of a Wailing Tundra begins. Chapter 1, South Lefundos will begin on September 3.

Epic Seven trust missions
Eureka's long-standing feuding forces are very wary of strangers and require a separate process to gain their trust. The AP Exchange store will still exist but the items that can be purchased will vary according to your Trust level.

Each time you clear a chapter in each of the nations, the maximum amount of trust you can achieve increases. If you clear the first chapter and complete the Trust Mission, you can achieve a neutral' Trust level, and if you clear the second chapter, you can achieve a friendly' Trust level. Players will have a higher chance to obtain items necessary to strengthen your Hero such as Epic Catalysts. Additionally, depending on the player's Trust level, they can unlock hidden stories.
Epic Seven trust missions
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