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Last Rider Krau
Last Rider Krau is a new 5 ★ Moonlight Light Knight Hero coming soon. Epic Seven - anime-style RPG that work on low-end devices, game still popular and getting a lot of new content. 

A wild card capable of handling anything! 
Last Rider Krau will be available starting from September 17.
Last Rider Krau epic seven


Last Rider Krau
Leader of the Mechanical Empire Taranor's Special Force Team 7. He's always assigned to lead the worst missions. His code number is 00.

Special Force Team 7 and in particular, is tasked with missions that have a low chance of success. 
He is Heir to Ziegfried, a mobile weapon of lost technology restored by the Bureau of Science and Technology.
Last Rider Krau ziegfried
With members of Special Force Team 7, he went on a secret operation to repress the Homunculus rebellion based un West Taranor.
However, all their equipment and weapons became useless due to an EMP attack. 

Friedrich, the leader of the rebellion impersonated Krau by wearing armor similar to his and attacked Krau's team. 
Because of this Attack, Krau lost all the members of his team.

After defeating Friedrich, Krau met the android, Sigret an android designed to destroy the world. 
After that mission, Krau has never worn a helmet and now works alone. However, Sigret, who considers him to be her master, stays by his side.
Sigret ML Epic Seven
At first, he loathed and cursed Sigret, thinking that she's the reason for his team's death. but later, as he sees Sigret learn what emotions are, even though she is an android, he changes his mind and accepts her as his companion.
epic seven Last Rider Krau

Last Rider Krau Skills

- 1 Active Skill
+1 Soul
Attacks the enemy with a swordstorm, before increasing the Speed of the caster for 1 turn. Damage dealt increases proportional to the caster's max Health.

- 2 Passive Skill
Code Number 00

After suffering an attack that targets all allies, decreases the caster's skill cooldown by 1 turn, and grants a barrier to allies for 1 turn. Barrier strength increases proportionally to the caster's max Health. Barrier effect can only be activated once per turn.

Full mola enchantment can increase barrier strength by 50%.

- 3 Active Skill
Mobile Weapon Ziegfried
+3 Souls
Cooldown: 7 turns
Burn Effect: Skill cooldown is decreased by 2 turns. (-10 Souls)
Summons Ziegfried and attacks all enemies, before granting immunity to all allies for 2 turns. Penetrates Defense, but cannot trigger a critical hit. Damage dealt increases proportional to the caster's max Health. Damage dealt increases every time this skill is used and can stack up to 3 times.

+3 mola enchantment decrease skills cooldown by 1. 

Recommended Artifacts

Crown of Glory 
Elbris Ritual Sword

Recommended Sets


Krau ML Preview

Epic Seven: Episode 3, Hymn of a Wailing Tundra

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