Destiny 6 - Chibi Action RPG Launches in Korea Today

Destiny 6 - Gorgeous Chibi RPG launches in Korea on Android and iOS, information about IP Block, gameplay and emulators below.
Destiny 6 korean server
Yep, developers / publisher decide to block all foreigners. They do this because -
1. Global server coming in 2017.
2. High load on game servers.
Destiny 6 korean server ip block
Destiny 6 - ip block

If you still want to play on Korean Destiny 6 Server than just download VPN app which have Korean IP.

Gameplay looks like any other Action RPG just with a more smoother graphic. Although we can manually use skills but I'm sure it will be pointless with auto skills button until high level content. Tower and daily dungeons also similar to other games. No information about Guild Wars or Raids atm, I hope we will see them soon. Destiny 6 - Global Server Information

Graphics gorgeous but some chibi style characters looks weird.
Destiny 6 - Chibi
Most emulators blocked atm but Destiny 6 work fine even on cheap phones.
Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Pro, I forgot to record sound :X

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