Blue Archive Guide, Reroll, Tier List, Translation

Blue Archive Guide, Reroll, Tier List, Translation
Blue Archive - waifu chibi RPG published by Yostar in Japan on 4 February 2021. Developed by Korean studio NAT Games, Blue Archive (Project MX) features several different factions.


Rerolling with email (Android and iOS)
1. Login with Guest account 
2. Finish tutorial and roll gacha (get all available rewards)
3. Bind account to fake email if you want to reroll. 
or bind to real email if you want to keep an account.
4. Move to the title screen and click the lower left button to logout
5. Login using guest account and repeat 1-3

Repeat until you got good units or waifu.

Good Starter Units

They actually great. Rank up them to 3 stars and you will understand. 
Blue Archive good units
Best starters -
Blue Archive yuka

Yuka[STRIKER] ★ 2 / SMG / Explosion / Heavy Armor
[Priority: S ]
· EX skills of the cost of the shield is low, re-activation is likely
every time you enter the obstacle-star 3 HP recovery
Availability In the tutorial
Blue Archive Fuuka

Fuuka[SPECIAL] ★ 2 / SMG / Explosion / Heavy Armor
[Priority: S ]
· EX and skills dropped the pot in, to recover to move the ally in the vicinity of the pot
· EX skills are not only a recovery, but can also be used to move or avoid
UP the defense of an ally in the Normal skill
- Versatile to put in any formation
Blue Archive Nonomi

Nonomi[STRIKER] ★ 2 / SMG / Explosion / Heavy Armor
[Priority: S ]
・ EX skill is powerful and wide range
・ Easy to organize because it is suitable for urban areas and outdoors
Pieces can be obtained in beginner missions
Blue Archive Akami

Akari[STRIKER] ★ 2 / SMG / Explosion / Heavy Armor
[Priority: S ]
・ The firepower when the normal skill and sub-skill are activated is tremendous
・ The EX skill is easy to use with horizontal range attack ◎
・ There is no weak terrain
What to do in-game / Daily routine
Visit our friends, Japanese wiki for more information.

Tier List

based on Japanese wiki
Blue Archive Tier List
Not all characters from CBT included in-game right now.

CBT students who are not implemented in the official game (Thanks to Xeno for info) -
Cherino, Arisu, Koharu, Momoi, Modori, Azusa, Mari, Mashiro, Erika. All of them will be available later.

Tier List from Facebook group
tier list blue archive
Another Tier List from
english tier list blue archive

Skill Translation

For translated skills check wiki websites 

Characters Performance 

For hero icons look to Tier List. 
From left to right.

S Tier Characters
Character namePerformance/Features
Al[STRIKER] Explosion / light equipment
・ EX skill is very useful with high firepower and single + multiple. ・ High
consensus rate and high sustained firepower.
Hina[STRIKER] Explosion / heavy armor
・ The cost of EX skills is heavy, but both power and range are the highest class.
・ Self-contained with a skill structure specializing in firepower.
Hibiki[SPECIAL] Explosion / Heavy Armor
・ Valuable SPECIAL firepower frame
・ Can attack a wide range with EX skills
A Tier Characters
Character namePerformance/Features
[STRIKER] Explosion/light equipment
・ The cost of EX skills is light and the firepower is high.
・ The skill composition is well-balanced.
Tsurugi[STRIKER] Penetration / heavy armor
・ Recovers HP when defeating an enemy・ Can generate
firepower even with multiple opponents by strengthening attacks after activating EX skills ・
Active at the special effect level after base defense Lv3
Shun[STRIKER] Explosion / light equipment

-Very high firepower after activating EX skill- Special level firepower for medium-sized enemies
Ami[STRIKER] Explosion / light equipment
・ Sustainable recovery EX skill with very high survival
・ Normal skill is easy to use with range attack ◎
Maki[STRIKER] Penetration / light equipment
・ In terms of skill composition, the instantaneous firepower is high in the top class.
・ The defense power of the enemy can be lowered with normal skills.
Izumi[STRIKER] Explosion / light equipment
・ Additional damage according to your current HP
・ If you keep your HP high, your continuous firepower will be very high.
Saya[SPECIAL] Explosion/light equipment
・ Continuous damage over a wide range with EX skills ・
Increases the critical value of all allies
B Tier Characters
Character namePerformance/Features
Flannel[STRIKER] Penetration/light equipment
・ EX skill cost is light and firepower is high
・ Single firepower when normal skill is activated is top class
・ Evaluation may rise if total war is implemented
Iori[STRIKER] Penetration / heavy armor
・ EX skill is easy to use with high firepower and low cost ◎
・ The firepower in the unhidden state is high in the top class
Haruna[STRIKER] Mystery / Heavy Armor
・ High firepower with normal skill and sub-skill
・ EX skill is excellent in both power and range
Karin[SPECIAL] Penetration / heavy armor
・ Valuable SPECIAL single firepower frame
・ The power of EX and normal skills is very high
C Tier Characters
Character namePerformance/Features
Hoshino[STRIKER] Penetration / heavy armor
・ Although it is a tank, the firepower is high.
・ Continuous battle is possible by recovering normal skills.
Hifumi[STRIKER] Penetration / light equipment
・ Summon attracts enemy attacks

Menu Translation

translated by Xeno and discord users

blue archive crafting
Blue Archive english translation
Unit Formation
Blue Archive unit formation
Character Info
Blue Archive character info
Compatibility Information
Blue Archive translation
Formation Effect - Balance
Blue Archive formation effect
Formation Effect - Breakthrough
Blue Archive formation
Formation Effect - Vigilance
Blue Archive japanese server
Home Screen
Blue Archive home screen
Blue Archive option
Blue Archive translate settings
Organizing Unit Formation
Blue Archive unit formation

Community Groups


Blue Archive APK

System Requirements

Android 7+

Game work on emulators.


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