Aeria Games Announces Closure of Dragomon Hunter

Dragomon Hunter (Dragon Slayer) - Anime Style Action RPG developed by X-Legend Entertainment. Thailand server closed early this year.
Dragomon Hunter shutting down
Still Available servers - Dragomon Hunter Hong Kong server, Japanese (need VPN) and maybe even some private servers still alive (You must Thanks Aeria Games for X-Legend games private servers, since each time aeria get new game this game almost instantly get private server. I can be wrong tho and its just a coincidence)

Dear Hunters,
Today is a sad day.
As you may have noticed, the number of hunters in Elysium has been decreasing quite significantly of the past the past few month. Combined with some resources issues on our side, we have decided to take an important decision.
We are sorry to announce that, after 17 wonderful months, Dragomon Hunter will be closing its doors on June 29th.
That being said, we prepared quite a few surprises for you to enjoy the remaining time on our game:
Starting today, all the items from the itemmall will be available for only 1 AP
All Falcon Fortune refresh will contain orange quality items and without DP.
Please note as well that all your AP spent on Dragomon Hunter during the months of May and June will be refunded as Bonus AP.
All players who registered to the game before May 20th AND connected in June will receive 500 AP.
Bonus AP will be sent by June 30th
Please know that the ticket support for the game will close on June 1st.
The Aeria Games team would like to thank you for your continuous support over the last 17 months and we hope that you enjoyed playing our game.
PM Hisoka

Old Version Gameplay
Not sure if this AP just for Dragomon Hunter or for all games. Also Grand Fantasia get another rollback.
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