Eternal City Guide

Eternal City Guide

Eternal City (Forever 7th Capital / 永远的7日之都) Guide list.

Japanese wiki
English Fan Group
Eternal City Discord

Characters Tier List
Characters Tier List

For new players about gacha system -
JazzMar Labrador:
1st pull: Niya/Kaliyeh/Osagi
2nd: Green rare kageso(5 cost)
3rd: B rank wielder
4th: Blue kageso(4 cost)
5th: A wielder fragment 1
6th: Blue rare kageso(3 cost)
7th - 9th: Random
10th: A wielder fragment 2

Depend on hero fragment you get in 5th roll you will get second hero fragment in 10th roll.
This work only for first 1 times, after 10th roll it totally random. 

Spend memorial passes only on weekly gems. You will get around 2100~ passes in a week and it's just enough for all weekly gems.

Saihamm Conquering Guide

Guide list from discord game group. All links lead to google docs or discord pics.
All guides now on youtube. All text versions deleted by guy who created them.
+ How to get Character " Sybil " ( rank B ) free:
== Link :

Guide will be updated soon.
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