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Eternal City (Forever 7th Capital / 永远的7日之都) Guide list.

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Characters Tier List
Characters Tier List

For new players about gacha system -
JazzMar Labrador:
1st pull: Niya/Kaliyeh/Osagi
2nd: Green rare kageso(5 cost)
3rd: B rank wielder
4th: Blue kageso(4 cost)
5th: A wielder fragment 1
6th: Blue rare kageso(3 cost)
7th - 9th: Random
10th: A wielder fragment 2

Depend on hero fragment you get in 5th roll you will get second hero fragment in 10th roll.
This work only for first 1 times, after 10th roll it totally random. 

Spend memorial passes only on weekly gems. You will get around 2100~ passes in a week and it's just enough for all weekly gems.

Saihamm Conquering Guide

Guide list from discord game group. All links lead to google docs or discord pics.
Ann Route - Journey for Two/Eternal Ending: Antoneva Route - Deep Blue Star/Person in the Shadows Ending: Sacrifice Route (1st Cycle) - The Meaning of Sacrifice/Garden Sceneries/Termination Ending: Sacrifice Route (2nd Cycle Onwards) - The Meaning of Sacrifice/Garden Sceneries/Termination Ending:
+ How to get Character " Sybil " ( rank B ) free:
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Guide will be updated soon.

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