X-Legend Entertainment Headquarters

Our friends from onlinegamer.jp visit Taiwanese X-Legend Entertainment Headquarters. X-Legend is a company famous for Grand Fantasia, Eden Eternal, Aura Kingdom and more games.
X-Legend Entertainment Headquarters
Japanese gamers have specific tastes in graphic and often popular games from America, Europe and Asia not accepted in Japan. X-Legend games have lovely taste of Japanese style and has been accepted by many Japanese players.

What kind of company is X-Legend?

Company established in January 2002, have more than 900 employees and #1 Game company in Taiwan. In Taiwan people prefer Japanese culture and graphic style.
X-Legend Entertainment branch offices
Set up branch offices in the Japan and South Korea.
X-Legend Entertainment members
Amount of members.
X-Legend Entertainment expanded areas
X-Legend Entertainment expanded from Taiwan to Hong Kong, Japan, USA, France, German, Thailand, China and South Korea.

Even though company famous for PC Games in last year they decide to conquer Mobile Games market. New goal - 3 games per year, 2 mobile and 1 pc. Upcoming Mobile Game - Sengoku Mobile.

From 900 employee - 170 responsible planning and program development, 150 responsible for the domestic and international market, 580 (65% of all workers) in charge of the ART.
X-Legend Entertainment staff list
Each Project (ART staff do not count) has planning staff 10 - 20 people, programmer staff 10 -15 people, engineers 5 - 10 people.

X-Legend always check what currently trending and copy it in they games. Aura Kingdom look similar to Sword Art Online (Famous Light Novel) because SAO been very popular in Taiwan. Laplace - 2.5D MMO look similar to Tree of Savior, Lost Ark and Diablo.
Japanese style (I call it anime style) design is bright and alive. In Laplace we can see evolved graphic compared to previous games. Characters figure reflect on the surface of the water, shadow of trees and more. Development progressing smoothly and Japanese server will be released soon.

X-Legend Awards -
X-Legend awards
Legendary Heroes Online, Dragomon Hunter, Grace Valhalla, Aura Kingdom, Astral Realm, Kitsu Saga, Eden Eternal, Glory Destiny Online, Holy Beast Online and Grand Fantasia.
X-Legend awards
X-Legend awards
X-Legend Employee -
X-Legend Employee

X-Legend workers

X-Legend entertainment Employee

X-Legend entertainment workers

X-Legend Employee

X-Legend Games

X-Legend staff
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