Sengoku Mobile - X-Legends Mobile Strategy Game

Sengoku Mobile (전국쟁패, National Supremacy) - Mobile game developed by X-Legends Entertainment Korea. Sengoku Mobile looks like your ordinary Strategy RPG game with all-female crew.
Sengoku Mobile - X-Legends
Sengoku Mobile website -
Let's check game trailer -
Chinese browser game mixed with Japanese mobile game.
Sengoku Mobile - X-Legends New Mobile Strategy Game
Only female characters for now.
Sengoku Mobile
City. 'Speed up', Build, Information.
Sengoku Mobile - X-Legends Entertainment
Looks boring for now.
X-Legends Entertainment
X-Legends Mobile
X-Legends Sengoku
Don't expect too much from Sengoku Mobile but still it worth to try this game. Sengoku Mobile will be out on Android and iOS later this year. Korean CBT require SMS confirmation.
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