Tree of Savior Token, Founder's Packs and OBT

Tree of Savior Token (VIP) and Open Beta Test Announced, Founder's Packs changed and with steam regional prices everyone can afford them.
Tree of Savior art
Tree of Savior Token similar to VIP system in most games, let's check token bonuses -
Tree of Savior Token (VIP)
1. Can play without it.
2-3. Nice if you use market.
4. Can play without it.
5-6. Very good, each instance gives tons exp, gears and craft material.
7. Can play without it.

From official Q&A -
Q. How much is TP in USD?
A. 100 TP is priced at approximately USD $9.00

In Korean server Token cost 198 TP and if it will cost the same than 1 month Token will cost 18$. Not sure if regional prices work for TP.

Founder's Packs and OBT -
Tree of Savior Token founders pack
All packs worth it, if you think it cost too much I suggest you to search in google about regional prices and how to change your steam account to use them. I don't know if you can be banned for that or no.

Do it at your own risk.

You can buy Founder Pack here -
Founder OBT start from March 29th and OBT for everyone else start from April 28th.

About servers -
Steam version servers located in North America.
The following territories will be restricted. 'Korea/Japan/Taiwan/Indonesia/China/Hong Kong/Macau'.

Q. Will there be West Coast/Oceanic/SEA/EU servers?
A. It is currently under internal discussion. We will let you know as soon as something is solid enough.
Tree of Savior European Server
Both Japan and Korea have publishers. IMCGames probably still negotiate with possible publishers.
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