Summoners War Lost Centuria - Tier List, Reroll, Guide, Team Builds

Summoners War Lost Centuria - Tier List, Reroll, Guide
Summoners War Lost Centuria - from the creators of the global hit game Summoners War, Com2uS. The new game brings real-time strategy RPG with all your favorite Summoners War monsters.

Collect and upgrade cards featuring iconic monsters from the Summoners War world to use in battle. Equip your monsters with unique combinations of Runes and Skill Stones. Join an Alliance with friends to share monster cards and earn additional rewards. Craft the perfect strategies and teams to battle your way through an epic adventure and become #1 Summoner.


- Fight with Summoners around the world in real-time battles.
- Breathtaking real-time battles with spectacular skill animations.
- Claim victory with surprise counterattacks in epic 8v8 battles.
- Strategize for a variety of PvE and PvP content.
- Earn a legendary monster through battle rewards.
- Experience your favorite Summoners War monsters brought to life with reinterpreted styles and graphics.
- Craft Runes and equip Skill Stones to upgrade your favorite monsters.
- Choose from 12 different Rune sets and 3 types of Skill Stones to find the ultimate combination.
- Form an Alliance with players around the world.
- Work together with Alliance members to upgrade your monsters with card sharing.
- Earn and redeem Alliance points for more summons and other amazing rewards.


1. Login with a Guest account 
2. Finish tutorial, collect rewards, play for a bit until you collect 2700 gems, or summon for 300 gems (I'm doing it atm)
3. Now visit Summon and roll the best available summon. In case you got a good hero, keep playing.
4. Want to roll again? exit game.
5. Open File Manager and go to Phone Storage>Android>obb>search for summoner war lost centuria folder and rename it (just add 1 to name and save), now open lost Centuria app info and clear app data.
Now go back to the folder and rename it back (remove 1). 
6. Open the game again and select a Guest account. 

Reroll Video Guide

2nd way to reroll 

(changed a bit, now you don't need to rename files or clear data)
1. You need to have one already made account that signed in google play (you can't reset him, but we will need one later)
2. Sign in as a Guest, finish the tutorial, collect rewards, play for a bit until you collect 2700 gems, or summon for 300 gems (I'm doing it atm)
3. Now visit Summon and roll the best available summon. In case you got a good hero, keep playing.
4. Want to roll again? open settings in-game and press on sync account, login in your main account that connected to google play (this will delete your guest account), now press on logout and sign as a guest again.

2nd-way Reroll Video

Tier List

Based on CBT and will be updated later. Not all monsters available from the start of OBT and will be added later. Remember that monster can be leveled up, so purple heroes can be better than legends for F2P players.

03.05.2021: atm all units are good and required. Especially for F2P players who can't invest in Legendary heroes. Most importantly you need to know which monsters and spells it would be best to put in formation. Story mode provides a nice battle experience and teaches players a bit about different monsters. Also, watch battles and copy top players' decks. I'll try to find some good party combinations and publish them later.

If you know any good combinations write in the comments.

Summoners War Lost Centuria - Team Builds

Best Budget Team without Legendary Unit / Khmun

More Team Builds coming soon!

Great advice from nicoplaynick

Posted by
u/nicoplaynick in reddit group and all rights belong to him.

Advanced combat Mechanics and Strats for new players or players that want to improve. :D

Hey everyone Nico here again, just wanted to talk about some advanced combat mechanics and mistakes people make that might not be as obvious, I do a lot of matches in the house in my guild and also watch a lot of players play and see the same mistakes even as high as diamond rank players making some of these, so hopefully this will help a few of you out. Will cover mechanics such as a ramp, cycling, saving, aggro spending, identifying threat's and noticing a winning board state.

The ramp is increasing the difference in mana between you and your opponent, this can be done by accelerating yourself or decelerating your opponent. Prioritizing Bernard and Poseidon is really important, even though early it might seem like your losing over the course of the whole match you may even cast twice as many spells as them which will overall give you a huge advantage as the difference in mana increases.
There are also other ways to increase your ramp or create a difference in mana that's not as obvious, examples of this is using a 3 mana cost fireball spell to interrupt a 5 mana cost Tesa which nets you a 2 mana advantage, Little things like this add up and if you can keep track of it during a fight you can use big spells knowing they don't have enough mana to protect themselves with a woosa, think of it as counting cards but your counting mana instead lol.

Cycling is important and a strong thing that can save you during a game, cycling is the act of using a card with the intent to get another card in your hand you much rather want at that moment. Having low-cost cards is important at any given time I have 2 cards in my team that cost 2 mana at the start of the game to let me control my hand better. The reason you would want to do this is let's say they have a dot team but your opening hand doesn't have Eleanore to cleanse it, I can cycle 2 cards for 4 mana total which will still buff me like Megan and bernard which will generate mana faster and are cheap and let me get to a board state-changing card that can save me the game. One card that is amazing at this is the 1 cost bird Konamiya who is super cheap and lets you get back a specific card you may want and gives you more control over your hand which then gives you more control over the game. The reason I mention cycling is that I see a lot of teams that average a mana cost of 4 mana which is way too high in my opinion and you then have to just deal with the RNG of what hand you are dealt.

Saving vs Aggro Spending
Ok, this is a hard one but the biggest mistake I see all the time that and countering. So a lot of players will either spend mana the second they get it or save till the point there losing mana which is good in specific situations. For example, if you are losing the neutral game which is both teams just auto-attacking each other you need to spend your mana aggressively prioritizing low-cost ramping cards like Megan, bernard, Poseidon, etc so that you create an advantage and set the pace for yourself to be winning in neutral, hopefully, this ramps can lead into some DMG and create a winning board state. Now let's say you created a winning board state and you are winning neutral most players for some reason keep spending their mana and let themselves get countered when they can easily hold and counter instead which is very strong, noticing the difference between losing and winning dictates how you should use your mana if you save while you're losing your actually make your chance of losing even higher and the same goes for spending when you're in the lead.
There are a few exceptions for this and it comes down to specific units and comps but I'm not gonna get into that much detail but this is a good rule of thumb that will hopefully help.

RECAP, Save if your winning neutral and counter (unless you need to use ramp cards) and spend aggressively when you're losing the neutral game.

This one is hard and requires experience so ill have to use an example if you rely on backline units like Khali, joke, and squishy DPS like that and your opponent is running a ragdoll, ragdoll becomes your #1 threat, now that we know this what can we do. well, we can save mana to chain abilities so use your carry and then use something else right after to change ragdoll target to someone else besides our carries. What if the other team is running a DOT comp then DOTS, in general, are the threat we must save are cleanses for them, don't use your cleanse on a Poseidon since it won't hurt you, they have to spend 4-5 mana to use their dots and if you cleanse they essentially lose that mana and get nothing from it so it's ok to get decelerated by Poseidon. Noticing threats that counter your comp or the enemy win condition is really important and can make a huge difference in whether you win the game or not, don't ever be afraid to hold onto a card for a little while if you think it can counter a huge play.

Anyways I hope this all helps anyone, feel free to ask any questions.

120Hz In Summoners War Lost Centuria, is it real? Let's test!

List based on 100 TOP players -

Damage Conversion
Soul Cleanse (against DoT's)
Vitality Conversation
Divine Protection
Flame Strike
Chain of Despair
Reckless Devotion
Giant Warrior
Blood Certain

Basically, all spells OP if you know when to use them. Same with heroes and runes.

Strongest Normal Heroes
Konamiya (used with legendary/strong heroes)

Strongest Green Heroes
Barreta with his DoT + Spoil Spell (another DoT damage) - very strong atm
Mikene (used against DoTs)

Strongest Purple Heroes

Strongest Legendary Heroes
Not F2P friendly. 


Summoners War Lost Centuria woosa
Summoners War Lost Centuria poseidon
Summoners War Lost Centuria phoenix
Summoners War Lost Centuria harhor
Summoners War Lost Centuria sierra
Summoners War Lost Centuria ganymede
Summoners War Lost Centuria unicorn
Summoners War Lost Centuria nikki

Summoners War Lost Centuria - artamiel

User Tier Lists

For now, let's just check the top 10 players decks.
Summoners War Lost Centuria - Tier List

Summoners War Lost Centuria - Tier List

Summoners War Lost Centuria - Tier List

Summoners War Lost Centuria - Tier List

Summoners War Lost Centuria - Tier List

Summoners War Lost Centuria - Tier List

Summoners War Lost Centuria - Tier List

Summoners War Lost Centuria - Tier List

Summoners War Lost Centuria - Tier List

Summoners War Lost Centuria - Tier List


Counter as much as you can. In case you already got 10 mana just use skill and don't wait for the enemy.
Remember about elemental differences like fire>earth etc.


Discord fan group.

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