Epic Seven - Senya Review

Epic Seven - Senya Review
The first person to kill a Dragon and the first Dragon Knight! Players will be able to meet Senya through the Drop Rate Up Banner from May 6. Is it a must-get character or it's better to save gems for the upcoming collab?!

Lore / Story

A long time ago, a village was under the imminent danger of a Mad Dragons' invasion.
People ignored the warning about attacking Dragons and decided to protect the village. Enraged Dragons planned to annihilate the village.

Knowing their plan, Alencia pulls her friend Senya out.
Epic Seven - Senya Review lore
After losing all, Senya decided to take revenge for her villagers and her family.

Mort, who was distressed, missing a worthy rival, accepted to teach her spearmanship.
Senya stayed with Mort for a long time for the training and eventually discovered his humanity.
Epic Seven - Senya Review story
However, as Senya learns the whole story they are coming to a tragic end.
Find out the rest of the story in Episode 3.

Senya Skills 

from reddit group
Taurus Earth Knight Stats: 
ATK: 1,445
HP: 6,321 
SPD: 100 
DEF: 645 
CC: 15%
CDmg: 150% 
DA: 5% 
EFF%: 0% 
EFFR: 0% 
Imprint Release: HP% 
Self-Imprint: ATK% 
S1: Attack 1 enemy with a 65 (75% with investment) chance to Provoke for 1 turn. When it's not Senya's turn, gain a 25% proc chance. 
S2: Passive Can't Crit. Gains 30% ATK Gains 35-50% Crit Resist. Every 2 turns, when struck by a non-crit attack, gives all allies a random buff (from ATK, EFF, DEF, Regen, and Immunity), then deals ATK damage to the enemy (Uberius Tooth-style proc.) 
S3: 5-turn CD (4 with investment) Attack all enemies with a 100% chance to blind for 2 turns. Gives self Counter-Attack buff for 2 turns. Soul Burn: -2 turns CD

Recommended Artifact

Elbris Ritual Sword

Video Review


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