Girls' Frontline 2 Exilium Gameplay out, CBT will be out in June

Girls' Frontline 2 Exilium is a turn-based strategy game developed by Mica Team also known as a 'Gun Waifu' gacha.


The story takes place in Eastern Europe in 2070. The security contractor Griffin was closed by the government because it was too strong. The commander left Griffin and led a group of comrades active between the polluted area and the purification area.
GFL2 story begins with a transportation commission. The commander's escort convoy was attacked on the way back from the contaminated area. The box as the commission was also robbed. After a series of battles, the commander recaptured the box and saw the mysterious girl hidden in the box.

MC and the mysterious girl, whose identity cannot be verified, are constantly encountering new enemies, the conspiracy behind this will be gradually revealed later in the game.
Girls' Frontline 2 Exilium Gameplay


- Beautiful 3D graphic (we can turn off battle animation)
- Nice story
- PC version

A more detailed description of gameplay and arts available here.

There's no information about the Global server. Maybe next year. I'll try to translate all gaming menus after the CBT launch. 
Girls' Frontline 2 Exilium Gameplay
Google Translated description. 
"Girls' Frontline II: Exile" is a strategy RPG mobile game featuring 3D with ACG style.
The game uses the next generation of second-generation art rendering style combined with pbr + npr technology, with American war chess as the core gameplay, with a rich collection of formation and interactive elements.
Girls' Frontline 2 Exilium Gameplay

Official information - 

The differentiation of roles and attributes is obvious. The four characters demonstrated this time have significant differences in combat styles, including close combat, assault rifles, sniper rifles, and even a small artillery cart... each character's combat style is completely different. Different, there will be some restraint in theory. 
Not only that, but careful observation can also reveal that there is a reminder of attribute restraint in the upper right corner. Combined with the icon next to the character's health bar, it is obvious that there is another layer of restraint. The combination of the two layers is estimated to derive a lot of interesting gameplay.
Girls' Frontline 2 Exilium Gameplay
The terrain design and support system are not difficult to see that when a character is combined with different terrains in the battlefield, there will be different effects: either the defense power is changed, or the hit rate is changed, and it can even actively smoke to interfere with the enemy. 
The support system makes the strategy stronger. 
There will be a total energy bar in the game, and each character's actions can accumulate energy for it, or can generate support units, or can cause area damage. 
Since we are from the perspective of God, it is easy to cause huge troubles to the enemy when combined with complex terrain. Explore the contaminated area, leading the tactical girl figure to keep advancing. "Girls' Frontline 2 Exilium" is currently in TapTap reservation (aka preparing for CBT), don't forget to follow us below!

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