Final Gear - Japanese Server, Guide

Final Gear - Japanese Server
Finally, the Final Gear Japanese server got released! It's a lovely mobile game about Girls and Mechas. Join now, recruit all waifu's, and build the strongest mecha!

Official Japanese server name - Final Gear (Final Gear -Heavy Battle Princess-) / Final Gear (ファイナルギア -重装戦姫-). Currently available other servers - Chinese. Korean server coming next! No information about Global, sorry.


In 2110, a meteorite collided with the surface of the earth, destroying most of humanity. The survivors reconstructed land and leaped in a new scientific era.

Among them, a large settlement named "ケゲア / Kegea" has developed a boarding type mobile armored weapon called "FINAL GEAR" due to the combination of large population and high technology.

Later, this technology spread throughout the continent, forming three major powers, "Kegea," "Ileta," and "Hixier," and a three-way battle was fought.

"Black Ark" is a mercenary corps only for girls who are good at piloting the mecha.
Following the command of the leader, they continue to run on the battlefield with large mobile weapons today.


1. 6 Classes, countless heroes
2. Equipment Customization, destroy enemy, take their mecha parts, and build mecha.
or collect set and transform your robot into a real mechanical monster. 
3. Good graphic (play with settings since some screen effects make graphic look worse)
4. Side Scrolling Shooter
5. Dormitories finally available!
Final Gear - Japanese Server gameplay

Deep world description, power setting, storyline, and chronology.

Final Gear - Japanese Guide
Detailed settings are provided for each country's culture, food culture, architectural style, and governance system in each area, and the character settings are extremely diverse, and the mutual relationships of the characters are also diverse.
Original animation: Individual stories are prepared for each character, and one episode is updated every week in the form of a TV animation. Contents such as specific stage mode and scenario CG are also included.


All images taken from Final Gear fan group discord and created by Aceship. Join them!
Final Gear - Japanese Server Guide
Final Gear  Guide
Final Gear - Japan Guide
You can read the rest of the guide on their google docs page.

Gameplay and Piano music


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