Final Gear - Mobile Mecha Waifu Game Released Today

Final Gear - Mobile Mecha Waifu
Final Gear - (重装战姬), Chinese game developed by 北京北客世界科技有限公司 (Beijing Beike Shijie Technology Co., Ltd.) and published by bilibili Game

Please visit official website for download links. Both Android and iOS versions out.
Final Gear - Mobile Mecha Waifu Gameplay
1. 6 Classes, countless waifu and party setups
2. Equipment Customization
3. Good graphic and fine art
4. Side Scrolling Shooter
5. No PVP and fine auto PVE content. Maybe not so funny, but at least not hard. Daily's still take time and after several updates that reduced them. First event actually funny. Some enemy models animation and design very good, but story about them very short.

Chinese Wiki

Registration Guide

English Community
Discord, Final Gear Global-Hub

Work on LDPlayer

How to buy Premium or cash currency
BiliBili allow to use paypal. Just select what you want to buy and in payment option choose paypal.

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