Fantasia Rebuild Crossover RPG - Pre-Registration for Japanese Server

Fantasia Rebuild Crossover RPG
Fantasia Re:build Crossover RPG - Japanese mobile and PC gacha RPG featuring original heroes and heroes from popular anime's. Developed by gumi and published by DMMgames, fully legal. 

Rebuild has been announced early in 2020 and I really waited for this game to be released. Now main questing is their gacha/costume system and how F2P friendly it will be. For now, only the Japanese server announced, no information about Global.


Enjoy the magnificent story presented by the popular creators of Fantasia Bunko with newly written scenarios and illustrations!
The main story is delivered in a large volume as if you were reading a whole light novel!
Let's enjoy Fantasia World

Fantasia Rebuild Crossover RPG works

Who works on the Fantasia Re:build

- Overall composition & world view
・ Kōshi Tachibana <Date A Live>
- Original character design
・Kurone Mishima <Akashic Records of Bastard Magic Instructor>
・Nino Ninomoto <Assassins Pride>
- Main scenario
・ Sekina Aoi <Gamers!>
・ Ichiei Ishibumi <High School DxD>
・ Kōshi Tachibana <Date A Live>
・ Taro Hitsuji <Akashic Records of Bastard Magic Instructor>
- Design cooperation
・ Kanetake Ebikawa <Full Metal Panic!>
and many other creators also participated!
Fantasia Rebuild full metal panic

Characters and cast

Character voice uses familiar voice actors!
・ Lina Inverse (CV: Megumi Hayashibara)
Appearance work: Slayers
・ Tohka Yatogami (CV: Marina Inoue)
Appearance work: Date A Live
・ Sousuke Sagara (CV: Tomokazu Seki)
Appearance work: Full Metal Panic!
・ Megumi Kato (CV: Kiyono Yasuno)
Appearance work: Saekano: How To Raise A Boring Girlfriend
In addition, characters from each work have appeared!
Fantasia Rebuild Crossover RPG gameplay
Graphics look a bit too bad, but don't expect too much from this kind of game.

- List of participating works

Sky Wizards Academy Candidate Instructor
Chrome Shelled Regios (Wow, really?)
How To Raise A Boring Girlfriend
Anti-Magic Academy 35th Examination Squadron
Date A Live
The Legend of the Legendary Heroes
Tokyo Ravens
High School DxD
Chaika: The Coffin Princess
Fullmetal panic!
Akashic Records of Bastard Magic Instructor
Fantasia Rebuild Original (central girl from the first pic)
Many other Fantasia Bunko works are scheduled to participate!


Fantasia Rebuild Crossover RPG pre registration
started from October 12, 2020.
Prizes depending on the number of people who pre-registered, 
Please pre-register and wait for the game to be released.

Official Twitter Follow
App Store
Google Play

[Pre-registration prizes]
Over 10,000 people: Illusion stone x 20
Over 30,000 people: Active energy 50 x 5 Over 50,000 people
: Illusion stone x 30
Over 100,000 people: ★ 4 Fragment "Meshiya's summit decisive battle"
150,000 Breakthrough: Illusion Stone x 100
Battle system
A command battle RPG that with up to 7 heroes!
Enjoy the full voice battle of Fantasia Bunko characters!
Achieve deep strategic in a simple gameplay!
Fantasia Rebuild Crossover RPG date a live
Fantasia Rebuild Crossover RPG party
Let's go together, on a journey to collect all heroes and their costumes!


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