Bilibili Registration Guide and ID Confirmation

Bilibili Registration Guide and ID Confirmation
Because recent changes in law now all accounts need to be verified. Biligame have many high quality mobile games.

Enter Bilibili registration page.
Bilibili Registration Guide
1. Login
2. Password
3. Email
4. Captcha confirmation, if everything right 'Click to get' button turn gray and confirmation email will be sent to you. Open email, copy number that you get (example - 394579) to 4 and press on Registration. In order to unlock all Bilibili features you still need to confirm phone number.

Bilibili ID confirmation

Enter Bilibili game page
Bilibili  ID Confirmation

Fill name (Must be in Chinese) , ID number and press on submit.
In order to get ID write in google - 'Chinese id generator'.
Chinese ID Confirmation
Now you can play in all games.
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