Azur Lane - Stardust Event, Ayanami and Yuudachi Oath Skins
Azur Lane update will be out on October 19th, 2018 and he will bring us new event - Azur Lane X Chinese Vocaloid Stardust.

Stardust Event
7 missions, 1 mission per day. Final reward -
Unicorn Skin "Little Star Songstress"
Azur Lane - Stardust Event

Azur Lane - unicorn

Stardust Furniture
Azur Lane - Stardust Event furniture
New star-themed furniture set, Stardust and 2 time-limited ruby only furniture: Lunar Ship and Little Spaceship. Check more info on Azur Lane wiki!

Z-Plan event back for 3 days

Oath Skins
★ The Bride of Solomon ★
“Commander, what have I done to deserve this? Heeheehee, pet me more, pet me more!”
Azur Lane  Yuudachi Oath Skins

★ Demon's Finest Dress ★
“Wherever you go, I will follow in your steps... Let's go, Commander.”
Azur Lane  Ayanami Oath Skins

Full Patch Notes
Azur Lane - october update

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