Final Blade - Taiwanese Server, Global Server, Blockchain

Final Blade - Taiwanese Server, Global Server, Blockchain
Final Blade developers - SkyPeople after successfully releasing 'Chinese' server announced Global Sever and Blockchain.

Chinese Server (Final Blade:英雄不滅) is out on 2018-06-13 in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao. I'm gonna check later if oversea players can play on this server. Not sure if people from Chinese mainland can play on this server or they need to wait for local server. Difference between Korean server and Chinese -

1. Unique Taiwanese Hero.
Final Blade - Taiwanese Server
2. New story unique to Chinese server (Need to check if developers already implemented it or just promising).
3. At least one character art remade in a better way.
Does it better to play on a Chinese Server or wait for a Global server? because game required good ping developers 'focus' server resources on local players. Example - players from Europe experience huge delays on Korean server but for Koreans everything fine. Not sure if same with Taiwanese server.

After huge success in Taiwanese market -
Final Blade - Taiwanese Server revenue
SkyPeople announced Global Server.
Final Blade -  Global Server
No dates or information about publisher but I'm sure we can expect it to be in Q4 2018 or early 2019.

I'm not sure why they want to work on it but you can read more - here.

Community promotion efforts

We are planning to link in our games with blockchain technology. Currently, we are facing high platform fee for mobile games which is 30% of our revenue and are trying to eliminate these fees by implementing blockchain platform.

Our technical team has reviewed various blockchain technologys and found that Tron has the highest score according to our evaluation. Also We saw possibility and potential through Tron Dogs project.

Our company has a good understanding of AWS and the blockchain. Also We are able to offer significant resource and provide improvement solutions for problems using master node.

In addition, our team is preparing a quarterly meet up to integrate blockchain with our games.

During this meet up, we are planning to allocate Tron session to educate developers with Tron blockchain technology.

Let's hope Global Server will be out in 2018!
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