Master of Eternity (MOE) - Newbie Guide v2

Master of Eternity (MOE) - Newbie Guide v2
Short Guide based on my experience.

Best Preferred Suits

Kai, Darr and Xioa Chui. Master Red Blader -  best not preferred suit.

Muspel and Xiao Chen.

Merrows (put Rachel only), Glue and Nimue. I really love Nimue, lol.


What to do with gems

1. Buy 2nd Exploration ship when you get 8 or more Pixie's. Buy 3rd if you have more than 13 Pixie's.
2. Save them for events and buy 10 + 1 AP tickets when events on. Last 2 events required a lot tickets and prizes worth it. 3S suits, limited costumes (costumes here don't have stats) and more.
3. In order to get new Pixie's later on you need to unlock operations which cost 250 gems.
4. Whales or people who saved enough gems can buy decorations and get free hearts per day. For 3000 - 4000 gems you can get around 1500 points and get 80 free hearts per day. Always buy decorations that cost 250 gems. (Is it worth? I'd say no)
5. Asgard Enhancement Tickets for 2S and 3S suits.

Never spend on suits gacha because chances too low and you can get better suits from events.

I want to support a game
Best packs - pixie awaken, pixie max level and special captain normal bonus packs. Daily ap packs also ok.

Team Builds 
A. 1 assault, 1 bombardier, 1 sniper, 2 supports.
1 support must have move enchant buff (very important) and 2nd must have damage increase buff.
B. 1 assault, 1 bombardier, 2 snipers and 1 support (with move buff)

Where to auto farm (JP wiki)

Where to farm on events 
If events requires to finish any mission and get random number of event items than it best to farm 1 - 11 with 2 bombardiers in team. Before you do it check official facebook page and see where people farm.

Always do daily missions. Higher missions = Higher reward, you need only A class and above mini-mini. Don't forget to auto farm temples. Simulator give you nice staff which required to enhance Pixie's and upgrade suits after 3S. In battlefield first focus on Skirmish and after you hit for 25m (ofc if you can) move to Warzone and do as much as you can.

Where to get gems
1. 40 gems for daily challenge (It's been 20 just yesterday, lol)
2. 25 gems per quick mission (max 2 mission per day and each of them last for 2 hours so it 50 if  finish both.)
3. 250 gems from skirmish and warzone (total 500) for doing 25m dmg in each. 100 gems for being grade 1. (can be x4) It's weekly reward.
4. Small chance to get gems from Pixie's and auto farm.

Pixie Skill Builds 
Just put what you want, there are no best builds. Be sure to remember that you can't spam awaken skills all time.

Each awaken pixie added into the team will award cheer points at start of battle
0 awaken pixie [0 cheer points]
1 awaken pixie [0 cheer points]
2 awaken pixie [30 cheer points]
3 awaken pixie [60 cheer points]
4 awaken pixie [90 cheer points]
5 awaken pixie [120 cheer points]

And you get 10 - 20 per kill.

Pixie max level - 30. Awaken Pixie max level - 48.

If you have any questions, ask in the comments.
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