Soul Worker Online - Anime style MMORPG developed by Liongames (Korean company) and currently being published by Hangame (Japanese company). Liongames decide to run 3 day CBT. To join CBT you just need to have Hangame account.
Soul Worker Online Registration Guide
Testing Schedule -
March 18th ~ March 21st

Gameplay -
Game IP blocked and you need JP VPN to bypass block. Free JP VPN -
In previous betas you been can turn off VPN at the launcher.

Soul Worker Online Registration Guide
1. Launch JP VPN and enter Hangame website -
Soul Worker Online Registration Guide
Put your email and press button.
2. Check email and press on first long link.
Soul Worker Registration Guide
Login must be in lowercase. (example: logintest245)
Male / Female.
Choose something.
Press confirmation button.
3. Now we need to confirm everything and enter Japanese Captcha. (Check this link!)
Soul Worker Registration Guide

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