Master X Master Global Test - Second Day

Master X Master limited "Global" (Japan, Korea and Taiwan) Test started yesterday. Even though it PC game MXM looks like mobile game just with a beautiful graphic.
Master X Master Global Test Japan
Day 1 - I come home a bit late and only downloaded & patched game client. When everything been done servers closed. Testing hours sucks. I also experienced some weird error that been very similar to IP block and fixed it by using JP VPN.
Testing Hours -

Day 2 - I decide to enter game without VPN and for some reason everything worked. Not sure if on first day it been bug or IP block. First quests "killed" me and I decided to use small fix to change game language from Japanese to English. It worked for everything except some quests and new content. MXM PVP and PVE has funny content except skills delays that I got because my 500+ ping. At least basic attacks and movement worked perfectly. Day 2 ended with server maintenance.
How to change Master X Master language -

1. Open C:\Program Files (x86)\PlayNC\MXM\Data\L10N
2. Rename JPN folder to USA and USA to JPN.
Master X Master Japanese
Thanks to - Jhonny Fernandes.
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