Laplace - OBT, Arena and 50 lvl cap

Laplace - X-LEGEND Entertainment latest Action MMO just announced Taiwanese Server OBT and new content.
Laplace Son of God OBT
Laplace (Laplace Son of God) will be officially launched in March 17th. Since it Taiwanese server registration require Taiwanese mobile number (they send sms confirmation) and servers limited to Taiwan IP only. Hong Kong server will be out next month with less strict registration and without IP block.

New game trailer -
Arena -
New pvp mode called - frost dragon arena. Its 3 vs 3 arena.
Laplace Arena xlegend
New level cap -
Together with 50 level cap we will see 2 new areas.
Flowers Basin (百花流域)
Laplace - OBT, Arena and 50 lvl cap
Sunset Pool (落日水潭)
Laplace  50 lvl cap
Looks like 2 new dungeons -
laplace online x-legends

laplace online action mmo
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