Astral Realm - 3 New Classes and Challenge Mode Announced

Astral Realm - Anime MMORPG developed by X-Legend Entertainment and released last year just announced new updates that will be released very soon.
astral realm
1. New Challenge Mode - God's Hall (or Hall of Gods) -
astral realm god's hall
You must be 65+ level to enter God's Hall.
Rewards: furniture, tittle, level 70 unidentified orange quality star stone and more.

2. 20 Man Dungeons -
astral realm 20 man dungeon
20 man raids will be similar to Aura Kingdom Tower mode. You must be 70+ level to join this mode. Rewards: 70 golden quality gears and star stones. New level cap - 75 level.

3. 3 New Classes -
astral realm magic gunner
Magic Gunner (魔炮使), Samurai (劍豪) and Summoner (召喚士).

Right now no information about skills or how to get this classes. Last 2 classes that have been recently released available for everyone from level 1.

4. Celestial Spirits become more powerful -
astral realm celestial spirits
4 Star Evolution announced.

5. Island Exploration System -
Fight against special bosses and assist local residents.
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