Seven Knights How to Change Hot Time (Global/Asia)

I have heard a number of people say that Hot Time (HT) can't be adjusted with the use of VPN, and anything of sort. So I'm writing this to tell you one thing that is concrete and true: Hot Time can be adjusted because it is now local time based, and no longer server based, with the help of VPN.
seven knights hot time
I will write a detailed guide on how to do it, and I hope this is helpful, and at the same time puts to rest all the disputes on whether it is doable or not. Adjusting hot time, I mean.

1. What do you need?
- A phone/tablet.
- If you are to use an Android emulator on PC, use Droid4x. It is the only emulator that allows VPN altering, and the 0.8.5. version is the most stable version compatible with Seven Knights.
- Download an app called "AppVPN". You can also download "GlobalVPN" - it has a lot more servers to choose from, but it's only a trialware for 3 days. So use GlobalVPN instead of you do not plan to install/uninstall your game frequently to adjust hot time.

2. How does it work?
- The app "Seven Knights" is still neutral after you download it from the App Store (ie. not deciding whether you are in Global or Asia yet).
- The server of your application will only be decided when you run the app and install it in-game (ie. press Play/Login, and then it starts installing from part 1/29, etc.)
- Hence, the idea is to mask your device with an appropriate VPN so that when the game starts installing, this masked VPN is detected and the game will switch to your desired server.

3. Server and Time Zones
- Asia: If you want to install Asia server, select "Singapore" in AppVPN (GMT+8). If you use GlobalVPN, you can choose Thailand or Vietnam for (GMT+7).
- Global: AppVPN offers 4 "global" locations for you to choose: Japan (GMT+9, and yes they play Global version and not Asia), Germany (GMT+1), UK (GMT+0), and US (GMT-8). Choose what you want.

4. Steps
- Uninstall your existing Seven Knights app, if you have it in your device.
- Download the Seven Knights app from the App Store. DO NOT RUN IT YET.
- Go to AppVPN, select the server you want to move to, and activate the VPN.
- Now turn on the Seven Knights app, and just press Play. Don't login just yet, you can do it once you are in-game.
- The game will start installing, and you will notice the bar 1/29 starts to go up, but really, really slowly due to the VPN traffic.
- Once the bar reaches about 5%, switch to AppVPN (do not turn off the game, just go to Home page of your device and then AppVPN), and turn off the VPN.
- Go back to the game. It should ask you to retry installing by now. Press Yes, and the game will install with your normal internet speed (ie. much faster than with VPN), but the server has already been decided by now.
- If, by any chance, it doesn't turn out to be the server you want, just redo from step 1.

5. Remember
- If you have multiple devices, always remember the following rule: Hot Time will be given to the first device that runs the first adventure map during Hot Time of the day. This will be reset by the subsequent Hot Time.
- I have not tested whether you can have more than 4 hours of hot time during the day or not (ie. first install the game with Japan VPN and enjoy full 4 hours of HT, then reinstall the game with US VPN and enjoy another 4). If you can, please test it out and let everyone know in the comment box below. Thanks!

6. Is this allowed?
- I have contacted netmarble customer support 4 times and inform them about this method, told them in details how it works, and asked whether this is allowed or not.
- Guess what? They don't understand a bat sh*t what I said. And I'm pretty sure it is not due to my English

- So I'm still using this to switch to Asia and play with my friends, and constantly switching from Singapore VPN to Vietnam VPN for a slightly different hot time whenever I'm busy. That is for my benefit.
- If I ever get banned for this? Welp, think about a traveller who moves from Germany to US a new country and reinstalls his game in US. Is he bannable? If not, then we are the same for using VPN. We will become travellers too... only, virtual travellers.

Guide Author -  Dao Duc Linh.
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