Astral Realm Japan Registration Guide

Astral Realm (Japanese version called Astral Tale) Japanese server published by X-LEGEND ENTERTAINMENT JAPAN. Closed Beta Test 6 November - 9 November. OBT probably on 13 (Friday) November or a bit later.
Astral Realm Japan Registration Guide
To play this game you need to use Japanese VPN. I suggest to use WTFast because it free and very easy to setup.

There's 2 ways to register Astral Tale (Astral Realm) account.
1. Create ordinary account.
2. Use Open ID.
If you create ordinary account then you need to put Japanese captcha each time you login on website.

If you decide to use Open ID follow this steps -
Chose Facebook, Google, MSN or Twitter.
Now you need to put your Birthday and Gender.
Astral Tale guide
astral tale
Enter mypage again.
Astral Realm Japanese server
Press yellow button to activate game.

Download game -
Now open VPN and start game. If you have some problems with launching just watch video below.

After login for first time you need to input your secondary password. Put 111111 111111.
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