Wild Terra Early Access Key Giveaway

Wild Terra - sandbox MMO made by Justy World. Currently game in alpha test. Game available in English, German, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Polish, Vietnamese and Russian languages.
Wild Terra Early Access Key Giveaway
Wild Terra Features -
1. Gather and hunt. Take stone and branch and you got an axe. Can't catch a rabbit? Try to craft a bow. Is it done? Then go hunting.
2. Build and craft. From shelter to castle. Free building everywhere you desire. Multi-storey buildings. Dozens of materials of any kind, hundreds of schemes and crafting chains. Farming, gathering, husbandry, logging. Terraforming, planting, road building and water canals.
3. Fight and win.

Right now game focused on gather and craft but developers work on better Siege and PvP content.
Wild Terra gameplay

Right now Keys over. When I get more I update this post.
Wild Terra Early Access Key Giveaway
Share this giveaway on your facebook or twitter with #wildterra #mmorpg and upload the screenshot which shows that you have shared this event in the comments.
Example -
mmorpg giveaway
If you win I send you email with Instructions and Key.
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