Few months ago famous "Gamers Private Network" WTFast become totally free! They still have Advanced Membership but right now free Account work fine. So, how they planning to earn money? WTFast software show ads when you entering program and when you connecting to VPN.
Free VPN to bypass IP block
To use WTfast you must register account - https://www.wtfast.com/Account/Create
And download software - https://www.wtfast.com/Download/Start

When downloading/installing/starting WTFast you can experience some weird problems. Idk how to fix them and it better if you ask about them on reddit or on support forum.

You can't use WTFast to download game clients, patches or accessing IP blocked websites. This VPN work only to bypass IP blocks in games.
Free VPN to bypass IP block
Chose "Custom Games", press add and fill information.
Example -
vpn for IP blocked games
Dragon Slayer Online Taiwan Server. Game executable file (exe) - Game.bin.
How to bypass IP block
Gundam Online (52 vs 52). Don't forget to chose launcher.

After that select Network and chose country that you need. Sometimes some VPN servers can be down so you need to chose another server (If JP3 down you can try to use JP6).

Press - "Play!"

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