Knights Raid Lost Skytopia - Gift Code, APK and Gameplay

Knight's Raid: Lost Skytopia - anime fantasy idle RPG (AFK Arena clone) just launched today. Over 5.6k reviews in the play store just on the first day. Gift / Promo Code timecode in the description. Don't want to download Knights Raid Lost Skytopia? just watch our gameplay video!

Stepping into the Karlmoss, a world full of mysterious stories and undiscovered treasures, you will embark on an adventure of fantasies.
To save the fractured Skytopia, you need to assemble and strengthen heroes of different races and classes to form a powerful team. By joining the guild, you can fight alongside other adventures to defeat monsters, win a lot of rewards and great honor for yourselves and your guild.

Gift Code / Promo Code timecode (3 codes)
additional code - OGLPLAYS

Knights Raid Lost Skytopia APK

Reviews from google play store:
1: Another spyware. Access outside of the game's folder should be denied by default for games. But now we have games like these that may steal data. DO NOT need access to not your data. Simple, isn't it? This spyware is deleted.
2: Knights Raid Lost Skytopia doesn't know how to not be a pay-to-play game. Got to level 24 and got stuck. Had all my units maxed out. Which means nothing because you can only have 3. So you are 3v5ing. Don't worry at level 25 you get one more unit! The game entices you to pay. Give money. The bonuses from that are also trash. I would rather pay a price one time to unlock the full game. However, developers just see the money. The game takes forever to load. I do not recommend it. Save your time and money.


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