Kingdoms Attack - APK, Gameplay and Gift Code

Kingdoms Attack is a new Three Kingdoms Mobile RPG. I know what you want to say - another Chinese p2w? sure. But it's a 3D Three Kingdoms RPG with actually a fine story on low levels and a good combat system.  Get a gift code, download APK or just watch gameplay.

Get it from google play

00:30 Gift Code.

Just play for fun and don't spend money since as we all know such games shutdown very fast. 

Collect great generals to dominate The Three Kingdoms.
Powerful generals with the super cute art style.
More than 100 different matches of generals.
Get ready to dominate The Three Kingdoms with us.

Real-time gameplay, super-powerful special moves.
Point fire or stop immediately, win or lose? As your control.
Different special moves just for team leader, come and try it yourself.

Free stuff! Great Values!
Enjoy tons of rewards every day.
Finish the task to win VIP9, login to get 60 draws, and S grade general Zhenji FOR FREE.
Lots of bonuses help you to grow fast.

Restore the history, all kinds of dungeons waiting for you.
Tasks to protect the goods, City war, Cross sever arena, different dimension challenge.....
There's always one kind of dungeon meets your need.

For some reason, I feel they will shutdown the game in several months. lol
Don't spend on it.


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