Cloud Song Saga of Skywalkers - Gift Code, APK, Gameplay (SEA Server)

Cloud Song Saga of Skywalkers - SEA server of a popular Mobile Game released today. We will download apk, check the gameplay and gift code. The global version of this game is called - Guardians of Cloudia and it's a very popular mobile MMORPG. Features - cute anime-style graphic, pets system, PC quality game (just like X-Legend MMO games from 2010) Cloud Song Saga of Skywalkers APK Intro - 00:00 Gift Code - 00:50 Gameplay - 01:00 How to Enter Gift Code 1: Enter 2: Login with your game account id. 3: Enter the gift code. 4: Fill into and solve captcha. CLOUD SONG FEATURES: CUSTOMIZE CHARACTERS: - Choose your class: archer, mage, swordsman, oracle, rogue - Combat skills (damage, survival, and difficulty) are unique to each class - Customize your look by choosing your name, hairstyle, and color, eye shape, and color EPIC PETS: - Collect 100s of pets and equip them to back you in battle - Combat abilities and their overall aptitude can be upgraded with potions and shards - Evolve pets to watch their unique looks transform ARPG BATTLES: - This MMORPG mobile game has PvE battles to conquer - PVP Modes: Battle in the Arena, Champions League and more! - Combat quests and battles available - complete and earn epic rewards and loot - Battle enemies from the Abyss and help free the world of these villains - Level up in order to access more features, unique abilities and rewards! GUILDS, LOVE & MARRIAGE: - Meet your destined partner to adventure and explore with - Join or create a guild and play with others to gain power resources - Guild Wars are PvP battles to defeat opponents and win resources for your guild! - Add friends and chat - exchange gifts and increase intimacy points - Organize a grand wedding - couples can increase their combat power together - Enhance your eternal wedding ring by engraving it with your undying love Battle enemies, level up your character and collect pets in Cloud Song - a casual mobile RPG. #guardiansofcloudia #cloudsong #mobilegames Subscribe to our channel and get access to the Latest Gaming News - (YouTube) Recorded on: Poco x3 Pro Latest Mobile and Gacha Gaming News - (update coming soon) Follow us on Facebook - If you have questions, ask in the comments.

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