Tencent Games Announced 10 New Games at Annual Conference

Tencent Games Announced 10 new Mobile Games at Annual Conference and we going to check them now. At least 5 of them very good and worth our time. We going to check them 1 by 1, though it's not a full review. I'll try to use official Chinese descriptions. 

btw tomorrow (18/05/2021) 3 new TOP Mobile Games would be released in the west. Check YuushaExa YouTube account for more information! 

Metal Slug Awakening - Gameplay Trailer
Chinese  - 合金弹头: 觉醒

SNK and Tencent recently announced a new Metal Slug game for mobile, and it will be developed by TiMi Studios, an incredibly hot Tencent subsidiary that worked on Call of Duty Mobile, and is also currently working on Pokémon Unite. 

So far we know that the upcoming arcade shooter is named Metal Slug Awakening, and so all we have to share right now is a teaser trailer that contains a minute of pure gameplay, and despite what you're thinking, Metal Slug Awakening actually looks like a competent successor in the Metal Slug series.

First and foremost, it would appear that TiMi Studios has decided to go with 3D graphics instead of the familiar pixel-based designs the Metal Slug series is known for, but all in all, the 3D graphics still provide a similar vibe. 
Simply put, there's no denying Metal Slug Awakening looks like a proper Metal Slug game. Past the graphics, you'll notice that touchscreen controls are prominently displayed on the left and right of the screen, which ensures that the upcoming Metal Slug is indeed a side-scrolling shooter, just like the original arcade titles. 
So from the outset, it would appear that TiMi Studios is respecting the property, with no telltale signs of greedy monetization visible during the above gameplay video. Seeing that TiMi is well-known for mostly selling cosmetics in Call of Duty Mobile, I would hope a similar monetization scheme is planned for Metal Slug Awakening, but with Tencent attached, you never really know how these things will pan out.

Project Fighter One Piece - Gameplay and Trailer
Chinese - 航海王

The mobile game "Project Fighter One Piece" is developed by the Morefun studio based on "ONE PIECE". It was developed by the original team of the "Naruto Mobile" under the studio and received the support of Bandai Namco. 
The art style is delicate and highly restored. At the same time, combined with the research and development of Unreal Engine 4, the visual effect of the game's fighting blow is enhanced, and the fineness of the picture is further improved, so that players can also experience the sailing journey in the original animation.

One Punch Man Justice Is Served - Gameplay and Trailer
Chinese - 一拳超人正义执行

"One Punch Man Justice Is Served" is authorized by Shueisha and supervised by the animation production committee. The game has been developed for two years. 
Using 3D ultra-quality graphics to restore the animation and reproduce the original fighting scene. The hero match source core system has unlimited changes, a variety of PVP gameplay blasts the audience, flexible combination strategy is supreme, bronze can also be the king! Innovative combat mode, exclusive S-kills will instantly reverse the battle, giving you a completely different gaming experience.

Digimon: New Century
Chinese - 数码宝贝: 新世纪
Digimon: New Century
"Digimon: New Generation / Century" is co-developed by Bandai Namco (Shanghai) and Qixia Interactive Entertainment. It is the first Digimon mobile game in China that contains the original animation plot. 
The game lasted three years of meticulous polishing, and the copyright owner closely participated in the planning and supervision of the whole process, striving to present the new world of Digimon that is most in line with the IP setting, original flavor, and innovative ecological gameplay.

Uncharted Waters: Lord of the Sea
"Uncharted Waters: Lord of the Sea" is a new game authorized and produced by Koei Tecmo and published by Tencent Games.
Uncharted Waters: Lord of the Sea
This game will be based on "Uncharted Waters IV", retaining the classic elements of nautical exploration, commercial trade, fleet naval battles, and ship upgrades. And will bring the characters from the "Uncharted Waters IV" to show players a classic and magnificent new uncharted world.
In the game, you will become an admiral and captain full of dreams and ambitions, moving towards the great goal of dominating the Seven Seas!

Dynasty Warriors: Dominate
Dynasty Warriors: Dominate
In "Dynasty Warriors: Dominate", you can transform into a tycoon of the Three Kingdoms and fight in troubled times.
No CD skills and powerful nirvana, let you enjoy the thrill of fighting!
The Japanese version already out.

*Combined military skills
*Custom map
*PVP battle
*Build a personal main city

An unprecedented experience, waiting for you to challenge!

Handmade Planet
Handmade Planet
"Handmade Planet" is a massively multiplayer sandbox game based on planetary adventures by Tencent Games. Players can freely adventure, build and battle on various planetary civilizations. As an online planetary sandbox game that integrates adventure, creation, and socialization, you can explore many strange planets with your friends, experience a large number of various boutique mini-games, or build planet homes with different styles at will, or even create your own mini-games!

Our Planet
Our Planet
"Our Planet" is a space exploration sandbox mobile game based on Unreal Engine 4. Players were born on a huge unknown planetary continent and need to use their imagination and creativity to start adventure after adventure. Here, you can experience a high degree of freedom of gameplay and a colorful space world, and you can also fight side by side with many small partners, collect resources to build your home, and experience a new space life.

Shin Kaku Gi Kou
Shin Kaku Gi Kou
"Shin Kaku Gi Kou" is a new Japanese-style sandbox RPG mobile game created by Kazuma Kamachi. Players can not only fully experience the classic sandbox play methods such as build, explore, and destroy, but also experience the ingenious combination of this freedom and RPG combat.

Players can freely create vehicles with powerful combat capabilities, "Shin Kaku Gi Kou"-weapon assembly, exclusive totems, and signature drawing of long guns and cannons, all of which can be realized one by one! Challenging Boss is no longer a DPS competition. Players can use various sandbox rules. One hundred players will have one hundred dungeon game methods.

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