Arc The Lad R - Reroll Guide

Arc The Lad R - Reroll Guide
Arc the Lad R - English version of a popular Mobile game just been released today! It's a famous game series created by SONY and now found its way to mobile phones. Mobile version developed by AltPlus and released on August 25, 2018 for iOS and Android in Japan.

Most of the stories in the series involve a cast of characters battling against the forces of an evil organization or empire, with monsters attacking the world alongside them.

In a mobile game we follow this way, let's check the new story -
The game is set in a world after Arc the Lad II.
10 years ago, the Great Disaster caused a vast catastrophe on land in which about half the world’s population was decimated.
10 years after, Princess Sania, one of the heroes who fought in the Ark War, is leading the aquatic city Millmana to promote the reconstruction of the world.

Arc The Lad R - Reroll Guide and Tier List

Everything in the video.

For Reroll part, just follow several steps -
settings > user center > change account > mailbox
Now create a new account and you're ready! no need to confirm email.


- Deep Strategic Gameplay
Arc the Lad R combines elements of tactical combat, adventure, and role-playing to convey the unique gaming experience found in classic Japanese SRPGs. By strategically using the exclusive skills of heroes and commanding them to attack from either the front, side, or back of the enemy, you gradually accumulate advantages until victory is sealed! The control is intuitive, simply done by tapping and sliding on a vertical screen.

- Exceptional Character Building System
The game allows you to awaken characters to dramatically boost their power and unlock new outfits! There are also exclusive weapons and gear for specific characters.

- Gripping and Epic Story
Halt, the protagonist is a young man who serves in the Vigilante Corps of Millmana. He rescued the mysterious girl Mizuha from an Aldian battleship when it was raiding on a nearby village. Since the encounter, the gears of fate have started turning again.

- Typical-of-the-series Content
Popular content of the series such as Ruins of Ancient Kings, Hunter’s Guild, and Arena, will be revived in Arc the Lad R!

- Thrilling PvP Fight
Form a regular party and add season-specific characters to it to fight head-to-head battles with other players in the Arena, with the goal of entering the top league.

Download Arc the Lad R -

Arc the Lad R Tier List

go for Main heroes: Ark, Elk, Sania etc
Arc the Lad R Tier List
Arc the Lad R Tier List
Arc the Lad R Tier List
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