Shin Sangoku Musou - Pre-Registration up for Japanese Version, Gameplay

Shin Sangoku Musou - Pre-Registration
Shin Sangoku Musou - upcoming mobile game in the Dynasty Warriors series developed by Koei Tecmo Games.

Sangoku Musou CBT phase finally over and now we can pre-register to OBT.


Click on google play/ios/jap services and sign up

Official game description translated by google
■ "Musou Action" evolved for smartphones
The real thrill of the "Shin Sangoku Musou" series has evolved for smartphones.

By combining a variety of skills, we have achieved both a smartphone that overwhelms the enemy with various actions and operability that can be easily played on the smartphone. In addition, it also supports a vertical screen that allows you to play comfortably with one hand. You can easily switch between portrait and landscape screens at any time by simply tilting your smartphone.
Shin Sangoku Musou - Pre-Registration japan
■ Full game volume
Many military commanders who participated in successive series appeared. Many game modes are available, such as "Story Mode" where you can enjoy various stories repeatedly by branching many routes, and "Conquest Mode" where you aim to conquer the continent in battles with various special rules.

■ Co-op with other players and asynchronous battles are also possible
You can play the battle of "Story Mode" once cleared by fighting with other players. In addition, at the "Demonstration Hall", you can play against other players asynchronously, and you can compete with players from all over the country for ranking.

■ Various collection elements
In addition to multiple attractive costumes for each military commander, many collection elements such as "Memory of Shosei" are also installed. When you get "Memory of Shosei", you can not only collect and enjoy beautiful illustrations with the symbolic scene of the Warriors Warriors as a motif, but you can also get various effects by equipping them.
Shin Sangoku Musou - Pre-Registration gameplay
Shin Sangoku Musou portrait
Change between portrait and landscape screen mode.

Shin Sangoku Musou System Requirements

Compatible models: iOS: 11.0 or higher (iPhone 8 or later)
Android: 8.0 or higher, RAM: 3GB or higher

Pre-Register rewards available for all users 
10,000: Generals Gacha Ticket x1
30,000: Memory Card Gacha Ticket x1
50,000: Generals Gacha Ticket x2
100,000: Memory Card Gacha Ticket x2
150,000: Generals Gacha Ticket x2 + Memory Card Gacha Ticket x2
200,000: Generals Gacha Ticket x2 + Memory Card Gacha Ticket x2
300,000: Generals Gacha Ticket x3 + Memory Card Gacha Ticket x3


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