God of High School by WONCOMZ - Global Server Pre-Registration Announced

God of High School by WONCOMZ
God of High School - mobile game developed by WONCOMZ and released on Android/iOS. Japan server got closed, but the Global server will be out next month. Let's check the gameplay. 

It's not really a new game, Japanese server has been released in 2016 and already dead, but the original Korean server still alive. The global server will be released in late November. 


God of High School by WONCOMZ gameplay
■ Massive Battle PVP! 30 vs 30
- total 180 team decks with 2800 characters.
Massive battle between Guild VS Guild

■ Character Upgrade System
- you can achieve the highest grade (★7)character by combining normal grade characters (be ready for the endless grind)
- it's easy to get the main characters of the original webtoon
Enjoy collecting heroes!

■ Element advantage & Relationship System
- Five element's type heroes, prepare your wallet.
- Try to make a team based on the original story to get an extra buff.

■ Evolution, Power up, Rebirth, Upgrade systems
- With various ways of promoting even the same character can turn out as a totally different character.

■ Various Raid, PVE contents
God of High School by WONCOMZ raid boss
- Guild vs Guild, Raid Boss Competition
- Attack five different raid bosses and acquire High-grade gears!


is a start-up game company founded in 2015. It also develops mobile games/apps directly and conducts various game sourcing and publishing businesses between Korea and China.

In line with the rapidly changing and growing global game industry, we intend to develop as a trend-leading global game company through networks and working staff that can respond quickly.

In the case of mobile games, we are developing RPG, SPORTS, Casual, and SLG games, and we are accelerating service preparation by signing MOU contracts with various listed companies.

Currently, we are developing and servicing the'God of High School', and we are developing a soccer manager game with the aim of launching in 2019. Official WONCOMZ website.

Pre-registration for GoH

God of High School by WONCOMZ pre register
Players can now pre-register the game via QooApp and get the US$999 worth exclusive gift pack, which includes a premium summon ticket x 100, Ancient God summon ticket x1, other support items, and more! Pre-register here! (you need to install their app, it' safe.)

Gift pack
Premium summon ticket*100
Ancient God summon ticket*1
Character EXP*2 booster (3hr)*10
Team level EXP*2 (3hr)*10
Character inventory*100
Team cost*50

Gameplay (from old Japanese version)

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