How to Play MMO Games Without Graphic Card

Play PC MMORPG in a Chrome
In case your video card GPU got problems with launching DirectX, and there's no integrated graphics in the processor, but you still want to play PC games. What to do?! 

Play in boring P2W browser games... 
All my favorite PC MMO available straight from my browser?!

Ok, let's stop the farce now.

There are already tons of cloud gaming services available, but what if our GPU fails to load DirectX, and installing/updating graphic drivers is impossible? without it, we can't even launch them.

We have 2 ways. 

1. Buy a new PC/video card. (best what you can do)
2. If windows still loads, the PC working in a normal way and you can play youtube videos (important). But you can't install video card drivers (without them windows will use standard VGA drivers) and can't launch any program that required DirectX -

GeForce Now allows us to play games through a browser. 
Best browser for it - Chrome.
But Firefox still work, just need to install (first try to play without it, maybe it's already not needed)

How to play

2. Create an account, if you want to play on Global (Nvidia) servers you will need to live in Europe/USA or use any free EU/USA VPNs available for browsers. You just need to start it when entering the website, and close after starting queue.

Don't buy a premium account right from the start. First, we need to test how games work on your PC.

Before playing check your screen resolution. Without graphic card drivers, screen resolution can be limited by window to lower size. 

Geforce Now supports the following screen resolutions (with wrong resolution screen will be blurry)

Now enter settings and put your screen resolution there.
Geforce Now screen resolutions
My current PC screen resolution is 1600x1200, but if I put it in settings game window will be - "stretched 1280x720". That's why in order to play without blurry I will need to put 1600x900. 

Ofc if your video card works fine and your screen resolution 1920x1080, you will need to put 1920x1080. My previous advice goes only to the people with broken GPU. 

Press CTRL + ALT + F6 in-game to see your screen resolution and what screen resolution GFN streaming to you.

List of free MMO games available in GFN
Games with problems

The Cycle - just not work atm. Maybe it's already fixed when you read this article?
Crossout - work in 50% times. 
Onmyoji - just can't enter.

Games that work without any problems 

War Thunder
World of Tanks
World of Warships 
World of Warplanes
Rocket League
League of Legends
Tree of Savior 
Closers Online - fixed recently, works fine.

and many more games (Although some of them getting removed/added)

Difference between Premium and Free (I can be wrong)

game session lasts up to 4 hours
faster queuing (waiting for next available rig), in most cases almost instant (ofc if we talk about EU/US GFN)
RTX in games where it's available
game session lasts up to 1 hour
queuing can be from 10 mins to 5 hours
Difference between Premium and Free
ofc there are many other services to play in the browser, but most of them about browser games, old single games, or doesn't have a free tier in them.

How to play in Lost Ark (Russian server)

In case you can install cloud gaming programs and want to play for free in a famous game - Lost Ark on a Russian server, I've found a way. 

Enter and install
Search for Lost Ark and launch it. 

My.Games Cloud allows us to play 23h per month for free.

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