GoetiaX - Japanese Chibi RPG coming to the West

GoetiaX - Japanese Chibi RPG coming to the West
GoetiaX - waifu gacha RPG developed by Japanese company Appirits and released in Global by Taiwanese company funmily.

About GoetiaX


1. Japanese server released in 2018 and still alive. Game not really popular, but still survived.
2. Based on a browser game. On the official global website, we see the "play in browser" button, but it's still not active.
3. Good art and Live2D. 
about p2w and rates it's better to wait until the server released.
4. Auto battles like in all gacha games.
5. Up to 12 heroes in battle.

GoetiaX is a story of a world where mages and djinns they summon rebel against the Divine that destroyed their world.
The game uses Live2D® in order to give players a unique enjoyment for in-game character art.


GoetiaX - Japanese Chibi RPG coming to global
Wait. Isn't there only 90 heroes? now devs write about 160. wtf

In a world destroyed by the Divine, human mages and fallen angels work together to rebel against the Heavens against beings known as “Mara”. As the story progresses, story missions will be separated into 4 different branches. Can you find a way to defy the Divine by making different decisions?


As the story progresses, new areas will be added to the world map. You will be able to travel the world as a mage and challenge numerous missions!


GoetiaX characters
In GoetiaX, other than Live2D®, characters also have voiced lines by Japanese VA! You can interact with your characters by tapping on them.

Combat System

GoetiaX battle
You can deploy up to 12 characters at once, with positioning and character element being the key to victory! Character’s position is determined by their weapon proficiency!

Progression System

A character’s progression depends on the player!
Djinns will be able to freely change their skills as long as they learn specific skills from skill books. Furthermore, there are other avenues of progression, for example, giving flowers to your djinns to increase their intimacy levels. Train your djinns well to develop the strongest djinn!



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