New Dynasty Warriors Mobile Game - just an Auto-Play?! Shin Sangoku Musou

Shin Sangoku Musou
Following Shin Hokuto Musou, Koei Tecmo Games announced a new mobile game in the Dynasty Warriors series - Shin Sangoku Musou.

It's not the first Dynasty Warriors released on mobiles, the previous game has been called - Dynasty Warriors: Unleashed, released in 2017, and look's like Japanese servers still alive. 

The main difference between both games, Shin Sangoku Musou allows us to play the game either in landscape or portrait mode. That allows you to play comfortably with one hand. You can easily switch between portrait and landscape screens at any time by simply tilting your smartphone.
Shin Sangoku Musou landscape
Shin Sangoku Musou portrait
This feature actually very popular in Japan and even low-quality games popular thanks to this. Why? because it's easy to play on the way to work.

Shin Sangoku Musou still didn't have a release date, but we can already sign up for the Japanese version CBT.
1. Enter the official website.
2. Use google translate and fill form.
3. Press on the red button, and press on a new red button on left.

Number of testers recruited: 5,000
Deadline: October 5, 2020 (Monday) 10:00
Application conditions: Those who live in Japan and have an App Store or Google Play account 

Shin Sangoku Musou System Requirements

Compatible models: iOS: 11.0 or higher ( (iPhone 8 or later)
Android: 8.0 or higher, RAM: 3GB or higher

Another 3GB RAM game?! It's time to change a smartphone, lol.



Game modes
Many military commanders who participated in the previous series appeared. Currently, we can play in several game modes such as a "Story Mode" where you can enjoy various stories repeatedly by different decisions, and "Conquest Mode" where you aim to conquer the continent in battles with various special rules.
Shin Sangoku Musou story mode
Conquest mode with a high degree of replay
You can repeatedly play "Store Mode" missions once cleared by fighting with other players. In addition, at the "Demonstration Hall", you can play against other players asynchronously, and you can compete with players from all over the country for ranking.

Various collecting elements
Collect costumes, and more importantly collect "Memory of Shosei"! aka art.
Shin Sangoku Musou shosei
Shin Sangoku Musou shosei art
Shin Sangoku Musou art
Shin Sangoku Musou waifu

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