FAIRY TAIL Forces Unite! - SEA Server with English Translation Coming Soon

FAIRY TAIL Forces Unite! - SEA Server with English
New Turn-Based RPG - Fairy Tail Coming Soon! Right now it's only the SEA server, but looking at screenshots at least half of the game translated to English. Maybe we can expect a Global server soon?!

Released by Garena and officially licensed from Kodansha, FAIRY TAIL: Forces Unite! is here to take you into the world of magic for an adventure with the strongest Guild "FAIRY TAIL"!
FAIRY TAIL Forces Unite! - global

"Officially licensed from Kodansha - Adapted directly from the original comic!"

FAIRY TAIL Forces Unite! - 100% legal games based on the famous Manga and Anime series.
Following servers going to be released -

Using original voice actors from the anime series as well as a remade original storyline. Players can see the FAIRY TAIL storyline from a new perspective. Choose, customize, and play original characters for an adventure with the FAIRY TAIL's strongest team.

"FAIRY TAIL Wizard - Go on an adventure with your favorite FAIRY TAIL characters!"
FAIRY TAIL Forces Unite erza
With the partner system in the game, players can go on an adventure together with their favorite FAIRY TAIL characters, such as Natsu, Lucy, Gray, Erza, and Wendy. Combine other FAIRY TAIL characters and form an unbeatable team!

"Strategic Turn-based Battle - Plan a winning strategy!"
FAIRY TAIL Forces Unite
This game adopts a turn-based combat style of play. With formations, magic beast selection, and skill sequences all affecting the outcome of the battle, the wizard's battle strategy will be put to the test! Together with the combo moves and special skills that FAIRY TAIL's assistant will provide during combat, the comic's impressive battle scenes are further enhanced.

"Choose 1 of the 8 Original characters - Become the No.1 Wizard!"
FAIRY TAIL Forces Unite heroes

Players can choose 1 of 8 Original characters in the game with all their uniqueness! In addition, players can also choose 9 available classes. Each class has a different type of magic and has exclusive abilities. Players can freely upgrade their character's status to become the strongest SS-Class Wizard.

Collect Magic Beasts!
FAIRY TAIL Forces Unite pets
These cute beasts will help you in the battle.

Find Your True love!
FAIRY TAIL Forces Unite marriage
Unique Social and Family System

"Form the strongest guild in the game - dominate the leaderboard and become the No.1 Guild!"

Form your own Guild or join forces with other players. Adventure with Guild members to form strong bonds with fellow players, just like "FAIRY TAIL". Challenge the S-Class mission and fight against the Dark Guild!

"The most complete social system - Play with millions of people in FAIRY TAIL: Forces Unite!"
FAIRY TAIL Forces Unite open world
Equipped with a very complete social system! Players can make friends, become mentors or students, and even find true love in the game. Players can also use in-game Voice Chat to communicate directly with other players, creating a gaming experience like never before!

"A variety of unique outfit customizations - Look stylish with a variety of cool outfits!"

Players can collect a variety of unique Outfits and Mounts in the Game. Look different and become the coolest Wizard in FAIRY TAIL: Forces Unite! Use special Mounts such as Motorbikes, Hot Air Balloons, Trains, and many more!


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