Epic Seven Limited Hero Landy, ML Krau, West Politia

Epic Seven Limited Hero Landy
SmileGate announced a new Limited hero in Epic Seven - Landy. New must-have hero or just bait? let's check together.


Landy, Politia's chief of police who works hard to do what's best for her city. She adores Flan like her own little sister.

The chief of police of Politia, Landy is a woman of principles who works hard to do what's best for her city. She is an Automatic Doll, but an older version that was made a very long time ago.
Despite being an older model, Landy doesn't replace her parts.
Epic Seven Fran
She adores Flan, the newer version of her model, and thinks of her as a little sister and since she is an older model, that makes her what humans call, an "older sister".While the older models are more durable than the latest models, the functionality of the older models is a little less than the recent versions, which makes it feel slightly outdated.

Created in a time when the atmosphere with foreigners was better than now, she is relatively kind to non-citizens and believes that keeping law and order is vital.

Stats and Skills

Epic Seven Limited Hero Landy stats
Landy is a 5 star Earth Ranger, Limited hero available from 9/24 to 10/8, 2020.

S1, Fire
Epic Seven Limited Hero Landy skill 1
S2, The Chief is on the Scene
Epic Seven Limited Hero Landy skill 2
S3, Full Burst
Epic Seven Limited Hero Landy Full Burst
She good against bruiser comps. but let's wait until whales test her.

Landy Artifact, Wall of Order

Epic Seven Limited Hero Landy artifact
Very OP artifact for Pavel.

Other updates in the latest patch -

- Official Simplified Chinese Launching
- Episode 3-2. West Politia
Epic Seven Landy politia
West Politia, an area managed through the urban planning system will now be available.
Meet new Heroes and enemies while helping the Automatic Dolls resolve a deep conflict!
Epic Seven West Politia

Epic Seven Politia

Epic Seven West Politia ap exchange

Epic Seven West Politia boots
- New 5 ★ Hero – Last Rider Krau
-Sez & Manica of Control Drop Rate Up 
-New Artifact – Manica of Control
Epic Seven manica of control
-Ludwig & Time Matter Drop Rate Up
-Free Spirit Tieria Improvements
-Japanese Media Pack Update
-Other Improvements and Adjustments
-Special Side Story Preview-Thieves under the Light of the Full Moon

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