Moonlight Sculptor - Taiwanese Server Coming Soon

Moonlight Sculptor chinese server
Moonlight Sculptor - Mobile game based on the popular Korean light novel series, 'The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor'. Korean server has been released last year, and now we getting a Taiwanese server. Still no information about the Global version. 

Right now it's only pre-registration for players from  -
Hong Kong

and it's required a mobile number. OBT starts from September 24th, 2020.
Moonlight Sculptor - mobile game china
Description from google store -


Running in the unknown world
Adventure with the protagonist Wade
You may become the super leader to dominate the game
You may become an adventurer who creates a legend under the moonlight
Realize all the impossible in this boundless land
Discover your own romantic little luck

Enjoy the fun of adventure and experience the romance of life to the fullest
From hunting to team battles, from fishing to cooking, rich gameplay is waiting to be discovered
In addition, you can freely sculpt and create a variety of fantasy creatures, let them follow you on the adventure!

Hurry up and join Moonlight Carver
Let us explore this mysterious world together!


-13 years of serialization in South Korea, best-selling novel adaptation, experience a huge new world of adventure in the novel
-Build your own cottage and enjoy the fun of decoration
Moonlight Sculptor - Taiwanese Server
-Fishing everywhere, easy cooking, everyone can be the god of cook
-Carve and build various mysterious statues to get a lot of Buff
-Increase NPC's favorability and get unexpected surprises
-Real-time PVP battle system anytime, anywhere, challenge for dissatisfaction
-Exciting royal trials, strive to become the highest honor knight leader
-Rogue-like underground city, random map copy
- 5 classes - Warrior, Archer, Paladin, Sorcerer, and Sculptor.


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