Ikki Tousen: Extra Burst - Summer Event 'Mysterious Sea'

Ikki Tousen: Extra Burst - Summer Event
First event in the Japanese version of Ikki Tousen: Extra Burst - Swimsuit Event 'Mysterious Sea'. Because some parts of the game (Raid) still in development event look ordinary. Developers promised to fix everything and make the next event better.

Event period
2020/6/5 (Fri) After maintenance until 2020/6/17 (Wed) 14:00 - "Mysterious sea login bonus" Period 2020/6/6 (Sat) 4:00- Until 2020/6/18 (Thurs) 4:00 - "Mysterious Sea Coin Shop" Exchange period 2020/6/5 (Fri) After maintenance ~ 2020/6/24 (Wed) 15:00 - Scenario Quest Let's clear! Let's finish missions and experience the special story of the warriors together.

Right now we just need to finish a short story and grind the same stage again and again. Just put the game on auto-repeat and do something else.

Have a question about the game? check our Ikki Tousen: Extra Burst Guide

Release of the new features and resumption of Raid
Ikki Tousen: Extra Burst patch notes
- Raid
In this mode, players cooperate with each other in order to fight against strong enemies.
Rare equipment can be acquired from the raid.

Scheduled restart: mid-late June.

- Arena
Party vs Party for now. Rewards will be announced later.

Scheduled to be released: In July.

- Exchange place 
More information will be out later. Developers mentioned that we can exchange SSR heroes.

Scheduled to be released: In July.

Swimsuit event 'Mysterious Sea', on Japanese it called - 水着イベント「不思議な海のドタバタ事件簿」.
Ikki Tousen: Extra Burst - Summer Event rewards
1. Finish all event missions and keep grinding one stage on auto-repeat.
2. Buy all items from the event shop.

We can get a good SR hero for free - SR Sonsaku Hakufu (with Dolphin).
Sonsaku Hakufu with Dolphin
Maxed skills information
Skill 1 - Performs a 131% water attribute attack on one enemy twice.

Skill 2 - Performs a water attribute attack with 113% power on one enemy twice.
[Additional Effect] Grants continuous SP recovery status to itself for 15 seconds. The amount of recovery is 2% of the user's recovery.

Skill 3 - Perform a 100% water attack on one enemy 3 times.
[Additional Effect] Increases its own damage by 15% for 15 seconds.

SR Sonsaku Hakufu (with Dolphin) does not have an Ultimate (extra burst), so we recommend to put her into a sub party rather than a main party.

New SSR and Scharacters available from gacha.
Shimei Ryomou Happy Ride
Shimei Ryomou (Happy Ride?) SSR - Good Tank.
Maxed skills
Skill 1 - For 68 seconds, take on all single attacks on the party.
[Additional Effect] Reduces your damage taken by 20% for 68 seconds.

Skill 2 - Performs a 188% water attribute attack once on one enemy.
[Additional Effect] Reduces the damage done by the target by 15% for 10 seconds.

Skill 3 - Performs a 75% water attack on all enemies twice.
[Characteristics] Absorbs 10% of damage done.
[Additional Effect] Reduces party damage by 23% for 10 seconds.

Ultimate - Performs a 1000% water attribute attack once on all enemies.
[Additional Effect] Reduces damage taken by all parties by 20% for 10 seconds.
Chinkyuu Koudai soda
Chinkyuu Koudai (Juice? let's call her soda, lol) - SR.
Maxed skills
Skill 1 - Restores the HP of one ally. The amount of recovery is 210% of the user's recovery.

Skill 2 - Restores the SP of one ally. The amount of recovery is 30% of the user's recovery.

Skill 3 - Gives the party HP recovery for 15 seconds. The amount of recovery is 15% of the user's recovery.
[Additional Effect] Grants SP continuous recovery status to the target for 15 seconds. The amount of recovery is 4.5% of the user's recovery.

Ikki Tousen: Extra Burst event ranking
Become #1 (or at least #1000) and win gorgeous rewards. Participate in battle to get points.

Ranking rewards source, wiki website
1-10th・Dragon ball×500
・Special equipment coin×50
・Old teacher's teaching (SSR)×1
・Anvil with 4 stars×1
11th-100th・Dragon ball×350
・Special equipment coin×40
・Roshi's teaching (SSR)×1
・Anvil with 4 stars×1
101st ~ 500th・Dragon ball×300
・Special equipment coin×30
・Roshi's teaching (SR)×1
・Anvil with 3 stars×1
501-1000th・Dragon ball×250
・Special equipment coin×25
・Roshi's teaching (SR)×1
・Star 2 anvil ×2
1001-2500th place・Dragon ball×200
・Special equipment coin×20
・Roshi's teaching (R)×2
・Star 2 anvil ×1
2501-5000th・Dragon ball×150
・Special equipment coin×15
・Roshi's teaching (R)×1
Anvil of star 2×1
5001-10000th・Dragon ball×100
・Special equipment coin×10
・Roshi's teaching (R)×1
Anvil of star 1×1
・Special equipment coin×5
50001 to 100000th・Ryutama×30
100001-500000th place・Dragon ball×10


Ikki Tousen: Extra Burst - Summer Event rewards
Source - Official Ikki Tousen: Extra Burst Patch Notes

- Examples of items that can be exchanged for "Mysterious Sea Coins" in the Purchasing Department
・Event-limited warrior "[Together with Dolphin] Sonsaku Hakufu"

・Event warrior exclusive equipment
・Event limited equipment "Orange Parasol" "Hardshell"
・Event Limited equipment enhancement item "Mysterious Sea Anvil"
*Event limited equipment "Orange Parasol" and "Hand Shell" can be strengthened only with "Mysterious Sea Anvil". It cannot be strengthened with "★2 Anvil".
* "Orange Parasol" and "Hand Shell" have a special effect that damage is increased by 20% against Tsuchigumo.
* "[With Dolphin] Sonsaku Hakufu" will increase the skill level after the second exchange.

- Get the total reward according to the number of coins collected!
You can earn rewards according to the total number of "Mysterious Sea Coins" earned!
You can get various items and valuable items such as "★3 anvils" and "★4 anvils" in the accumulated reward!
Let's collect coins and get rewards ♪

- Compete for the number of coins collected and get the ranking reward!
The total number of "Mysterious Sea Coins" earned determines the ranking for each user, and after the event is over, you can earn rewards according to the ranking!
Valuable items such as "special equipment coins", "teacher of the old teacher (SSR)" and "★4 anvil" will appear in the top rewards!
Let's collect a lot of coins and aim at the top of the ranking ♪

Special rewards in the high difficulty boss battle quest!
In "Boss Battle Tsuchigumo★5", the event limited equipment "Watermelon Blade" may drop!
Get powerful equipment and strengthen your warriors!
*Event limited equipment "Watermelon Blade" can be enhanced with this equipment or "★3 Anvil".
*The event limited equipment "Watermelon Blade" has no special effect.
*Boss Battle Tsuchigumo*5 can be challenged by consuming the Tsuchigumo Orb that drops from Quest Battle★1-3.

- Let's capture the extremely difficult "Boss Battle Tsuchigumo EXTRA"!
Quest "Boss Battle Tsuchigumo EXTRA" where the strongest class boss of recommended Lv50 appears!
You will be released after completing "Boss Battle Tsuchigumo *5"!
Get the special effects fighters and equipments with special effects, and capture them!

- Let's challenge the event mission!
You can take on special missions during the event!
Complete boss battle quests and complete missions!

- Receive a login bonus!
A special login bonus will be held along with the event!
Log in every day to get a total of 300 dragon balls and puddings, etc.
*You can receive login bonuses up to 7 times during the period.
Ikki Tousen: Extra Burst - Summer Event guide
- Collect exclusive coins for the event!
You can get the event's special coins "Mysterious Sea Coin" after finishing the event battle!
Using event heroes has a special effect on increasing the number of "Mysterious Sea Coins" acquired!

- We can get coins from follow missions・Mysterious sea 1-10
・Quest battle ★1-3
・Boss battle Tsuchigumo ★1-5
・Some free quests

*Challenge after completing the event scenario quest for quest battles and boss battles can do.
*For free quests except for quests that can only be cleared once, additional event-specific enemies will appear. You can get "Mysterious Sea Coins" in the free quest where additional events-only enemies will appear.
*You can transition to the event limited quest by clicking the "Scenario Quest" button on the event TOP.
*The special effect of increasing the number of "Mysterious Sea Coins" can be demonstrated by organizing into a party.
*Collect coins and exchange them for various items!
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