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Hero Cantare - Best Hero will be Added Today

Hero Cantare - Best Hero
Latest Update in Hero Cantare bring us one of the most strong heroes in the game - Crusade Mira Yoo also known as a Holy War Yumira. It's still possible to reroll, but does it worth it?

First, let' see what a new update bring us

Period: June 1st 16:00 PM ~ 19:00PM PDT

1. New Hero: Crusade Mira Yoo (Holy War Yumira)
2. Pick Up Draw Event: Crusade Mira Yoo & Green-April Yuri Ha
3. New System: Hero Pass
4. Add [Exclusive equipment] to Equipment Summon
ㄴ Distribute compensation for the missing Exclusive Equipment from equipment summons
5. Trial Tower added: 31st~50th floor.
6. Etc.
- Distribute correct rewards for Story Rush 14-20 &19-20 and return upgrade cost.
- Server Optimization

Hero Pass - both free and paid (cost 26 USD).

Rewards for Hero Pass
Hero Pass hero cantare
Normal Rewards: 
Golds, [A] Memory Stone, Skill upgrade material box, Essence of Abyss, [S] Equipment Set, S-SS Hero Summon Ticket

Premium Rewards: 
Pass Points, Golds, Level-Up materials, Adventure Tickets, [SS] Equipment Set, Essence of Mana, [S/SS] Memory Stone, Skill upgrade materials, [S] Daisy’s Flower Earrings, [SS] Relic Selection Chest, [SS] Hero Shard Selection Chest

* (Premium Reward) You can select one hero’s 100 Shards from [SS] Hero Shard Selection Chest: Yeon’s Flame Khun, Crusade Mira Yoo, Black-March Bam, Witch of the West Mira Yoo, Greatsword Warrior Sora, Green-April Yuri Ha

Server Optimization - just ordinary maintenance. It's not a new game and we can't expect that devs really care about people who still use old (just 3 year phone already old?!) mobile phones.

Crusade Mira Yoo & Green-April Yuri Ha
Crusade Mira Yoo hero cantare

hero cantare Green-April Yuri Ha
Crusade Mira Yoo is a must have hero, but if you're already got from gacha other SSS heroes such as a Black March Bam don't reroll. You will get her in the future anyway. Check Hero Cantare Tier List 2020 to know your heroes tier.

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