Epic Seven x Kizuna AI Collaboration Tomorrow

Epic Seven x Kizuna AI Collaboration
Are you ready? Kizuna AI coming tomorrow! It's a fully free hero that we can get just by login daily for 1 week. Kizuna 'limited' hero, I don't think we will see her again for the second time.

So, what can we expect in 6/11/ 2020 Update Patch
1. Schedule: 6/11 (Thu) 03:00 ~ 09:00 UTC
2. Details:
- Hero Balance Adjustments
- Arena Determination Season Closing
- Kizuna AI Collaboration
- New 4★ Hero – Kizuna AI
- New 4★ Hero - Free Spirit Tieria
- Tamarinne & Idol’s Cheer Drop Rate Up
- Epic★Pass - Summer Night Sky 2020 Season
- Equipment Conversion Reorganization
- Exclusive Equipment Option Change
- Powder of Knowledge
- Other Improvements and Fixes
+ Gameplay video with ML Remnant Violet out!

Hero Balance information and the rest of this patch here. Let's check the most important changes.

Ambitious Tywin (5 ★ , Light, Knight) -The effect of Battle Command will be changed.
Ambitious Tywin
-The effect of Flash will be changed.
Ambitious Tywin
and Surin
Tempest Surin (4 ★ , Light, Thief) -The effect of the Swift Movement will be changed.
Tempest Surin
-The effect and skill cooldown for Moonlight Shadow will be changed.
Tempest Surin

Arena season will end in 4 days.

The confident and energetic virtual YouTuber, Kizuna AI, has arrived in Orbis! ٩ ( ˊ ᗜ ˋ *) و
After the update on 6/11 (Thu), meet Kizuna AI and go on adventures with her.
What do you think she is looking for in Orbis?
Will she be able to continue her work just like on Earth?

■ Schedule
6/11 (Thu) after the maintenance ~ 9/10 (Thu) 02:59 UTC

■ Kizuna AI Collaboration Celebration Check-In Event
-Players can obtain the 4 ★ Hero, Kizuna AI as a reward when they log into Epic Seven during the collaboration period.
-Players can obtain an additional Kizuna AI when they fulfill certain conditions (Check-In + Reach a certain Account Rank)
-Players can obtain a maximum of 7 copies of Kizuna AI. The 4 ★ Hero, Kizuna AI that is received as a check-in reward will be delivered to your mailbox.

Epic Seven x Kizuna AI daily
-Players can only obtain one Kizuna AI a day as a check-in reward.
-The Kizuna AI Collaboration Celebration Check-In Event will reset daily at your server reset time.
① Korea/Asia/Japan Server: 18:00 UTC
② Europe Server: 03:00 UTC
③ Global Server: 10:00 UTC
-Rewards that are not collected within 7 days will be removed from your mailbox. Please make sure to collect your reward within the period stated above.

New 4 star hero - Kizuna AI
Kizuna AI
The ever-energetic Kizuna AI has arrived in Orbis!
Kizuna AI fell into a deep sleep inside of a disc when the planet was destroyed, until one day she found herself in the hands of Yuna, who rebooted her. Meet the lovely and intelligent Super AI, Kizuna AI through this collaboration event!

[Hero Introduction]
Epic Seven x Kizuna AI hero
Epic Seven x Kizuna AI

Epic Seven x Kizuna AI skills
Not OP, but still good. Nice attack buff for all heroes. Second skill - passive without CD.

New Kizuna AI Meme
Epic Seven x Kizuna AI
New 4 ★ Hero-Free Spirit Tieria
Hero-Free Spirit Tieria
A beautiful and lonely adventurer chasing criminals! Free Spirit Tieria is here to meet our Heirs.
Complete Connection missions to meet Free Spirit Tieria.
free spirit tieria skills

4 ★ Warrior Exclusive Artifact – Flower Shower -This Artifact can be acquired as a reward by completing the mission, Beautiful Pursuer, in the Adventurer's Path.
-Players will not be able to sell the Artifact, Flower Shower.
flower shower artifact
Finish new Missions to get tons of rewards!
Recruit Free Spirit Tieria through Connections
★  Penguin Set (Light) x1
200,000 Gold
Reach Level 20 with Free Spirit Tieria
Light Rune x20
Greater Light Rune x2
Awaken Free Spirit Tieria (2 ★) 
Lv. 70 Epic Equipment Set (4 pieces)
Lv. 70 Epic Accessory Set (2 pieces) 
Equip Free Spirit Tieria with Equipment
Artifact <Flower Shower> x 1
200,000 Gold
Equip Free Spirit Tieria with an Artifact
Greater Equipment Charm x 4
Greater Accessory Charm x4
Reach Level 30 with Free Spirit Tieria
Light Rune x17
Greater Light Rune x8
Awaken Free Spirit Tieria (3 ★)
★  Hero Tieria x2
Memory Imprint Free Spirit Tieria to Grade B
Ego Fragment x1
Unlock Imprint Concentration for Free Spirit Tieria
MolaGora x3
Enhance Free Spirit Tieria's Pursuit Cut skill 3 times
Artifact “Flower Shower” x1
150,000 Gold
Limit Break <Flower Shower> 
Artifact “Flower Shower” x4
Greater Artifact Charm x1
Reach Level 40 with Free Spirit Tieria
Stigma x720 
Epic Light Rune x1
Promote a Mega-Phantasma to 3 
Giga-Phantasma x1
Promote a Giga-Phantasma to 4 
Giga-Phantasma x2
Promote Free Spirit Tieria to 5 
★  Penguin Set (Light) x1
Complete'Beautiful Pursuer'
Tera-Phantasma x2

Epic Pass-Summer Night Sky 2020 Season
tamarine skin

[Epic Seven] New Hero Preview – Celine

[Epic Seven] New Hero Preview - Remnant Violet

Powder of Knowledge
Powder of Knowledge
Time to download Epic 7 again. RIP my smartphone.
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