Unknown Bride has finally been released in Japan

Unknown Bride has finally been released in Japan
Just yesterday Unknown Bride has finally been released in Japan. Genre - Strategy RPG, basically it's Brown Dust / Brave Nine with several changes. Game-based on an old browser MMO TRPG - "Alfheim's Demon Wizard" / "アルフヘイムの魔物使い"

Unknown Bride developed by Appirits Inc. and currently we don't have information about the English version. Original Japanese Unknown Bride game name - アンノウンブライド
Unknown Bride story
Google Translated Story
'Grant the Holy Sword Dainsleif to those who have the qualities of destroying the demon world'
- attracted by the words, you head to the castle with the other candidates for becoming a hero.
However, the despair awaited at the castle.
Power is taken away, life is sucked, and the body collapses like sand.
When the light of life was about to go out, the voice of a mysterious girl echoed in your head.
"Trade your blood with me and I shall save your life!" —The
girl who was supposed to be the Demon King and your destiny, that worth nothing, intersects.


Unknown Bride features mobile game
Live 2D
Strategic gameplay with up to 12 units in the party
Cooperate with other players to challenge strong enemies
Compete against other players in the arena

Game developers Appirits prepared a dedicated quest for us to become friends with monsters.
Players can deepen friendship with their favorite monsters and make an oath to each other to stay together forever. Basically marriage system.

Strategy to win
Unknown Bride strategy
Just like Brave Nine, in order to win, we must use the best placement strategy. 
Tanks has a high defense and HP.
Damagers can quickly destroy enemies.
Support assists our heroes.
Developers advise us to use ordinary placement, but everything depends on the player. Create a unique way to destroy enemies.

Collect souls and improve heroes
Unknown Bride improve heroes
The limit of soul rank depends on the hero rarity.

Unknown Bride expedition
Play offline! players can get rewards (except Exp) even if app closed. Also, we can auto clear stages by using a special item.

Unknown Bride rates
 Rates for R-SR
Unknown Bride ssr
and SSR with a 1.5% chance. Required special items.

Hard as always. 
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